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What Is The Highest Post in NDA? All You Need To Know

What is the highest post in NDA?

National Defence Academy is a Military institution that trains cadets for all three branches of the Indian Armed Forces- Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. The NDA Exam is conducted by UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission) to recruit cadets into the academy that is located in Khadakwasla, Pune. It is known for its rigorous training that takes out an Officer out of a Cadet and instills qualities like truth, discipline , punctuality to turn them into a leader.

After joining the National Defence Academy cadets will be given a three year of training which will include subjects like Science, technology, Arts, Engineering and Military. Life in NDA is physically demanding which includes drill, swimming, horse riding, games and adventurous activities.

After successful completion of the Three year course at National Defence Academy cadets are sent for further training at the different institutions of chosen services.

Training Institutes of NDA Officers

  • Army cadets – Indian Military Academy, Dehradun
  • Naval cadets- Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala
  • Air Force cadets- Air Force Academy, Dundigal

At What Rank Officers Get Commissioned After NDA?

Cadets train at their respective academies for one year, then they are commissioned as Officers in the Indian Army, Navy and Air force. The first rank officers get commissioned on the post of:-

  • Lieutenant – Indian Army
  • Sub  Lieutenant – Indian Navy
  • Flying Officer- Indian Air Force 

The highest post after NDA depends on your choice of service. Through NDA, officers get permanent commission in the Indian Armed Forces giving officers the opportunity to hold higher ranks while serving the nation. Here are the highest posts of NDA in three services.

What is the Highest achievable  Post in NDA?

  • In the Indian Army-Field Marshal
  • In Indian Air Force-Marshal of the Indian Air Force 
  • In Indian Navy-Admiral 

A candidate should know that those with higher leadership qualities and extraordinary traits bag the highest post in the Indian Armed Forces. Here are the important details related to the highest posts.

Indian Army-Field Marshal

– Field Marshal is the five star rank and highest attainable rank in The Indian Army. 

– It is a ceremonial or wartime rank and has been only awarded twice .

– 1st Field Marshal- Sam Manekshaw

– 2nd Field Marshal- K.M Cariappa

– It is not in use by the Indian Army for structured promotion

Indian Air Force-Marshal of the Indian Air Force

-It is a five star rank and the highest attainable rank in the Indian Air Force

-It is a ceremonial or Wartime rank, and has been awarded only once. 

-Marshal of the Indian Air Force, Arjan Singh is the only officer to have held this rank

Indian Navy-Admiral 

– It is a four star naval flag officer rank in the Indian Navy.

– It is the highest active rank in the Indian Navy.

– Admiral Dinesh Kumar Tripathi is present Admiral of the Indian Navy. 

– Admiral of the fleet is a five star rank of admiral of the fleet, which has never been awarded or held. 

Chief of Defence Staff

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) is the highest-ranking military officer of the Indian Armed Forces and serves as the principal military advisor to the Government of India. The CDS is responsible for promoting jointness and synergy in operations, planning, training, and logistics of the three services: the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force.

The CDS is not specific to any one branch of the military; rather, they oversee the entire armed forces. The role was created to streamline decision-making and enhance coordination among the three services. The first Chief of Defence Staff of India was General Bipin Rawat, who was appointed in December 2019. The current CDS is Lt. General Anil Chauhan.

Equivalent Ranks of Indian Armed Forces and Promotion Criteria


Promotion Criteria Indian Army Indian Air Force Indian Navy
  On selection basis  Field Marshal  Marshal Of IAF
General Air chief Marshal Admiral
Lieutenant General Air  Marshal Vice Admiral
Major General Air Vice Marshal Rear Admiral 
On completion of 26 years Brigadier Air Commodore Commodore
On completion of 15 years or on selection basis Colonel Group Captain Captain
On completion of 13 years Lieutenant Colonel Wing Commodore Commander
On completion of 6 years Major Squadron leader Lieutenant Commander
On Completion of 2 years Captain Flying Lieutenant Lieutenant 
On Commission Lieutenant Flying officer Sub Lieutenant

Officers who want to achieve high ranks in the armed forces must demonstrate exceptional qualities of leadership throughout their military career. They must have a deep understanding of Military strategy, diplomacy and geopolitics to inspire and motivate their subordinates.




What post i get after NDA?

After passing out from the NDA, the cadets get commissioned on the rank of lieutenant.

Who can give NDA exam?

Any candidate who had passed or is appearing in the 12th class can give NDA EXam.

What is the highest salary and rank in NDA?

The maximum NDA salary per month is Rs 2,50,000 for the rank of Chief of Army Staff

What field is best for NDA?

Field of Science stream is best for NDA exam


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