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2000+ GK One Liner for All Defence Exams

GK One Liner

In India, competitive exams are a common part of the selection process, and they usually cover four main subjects: General Knowledge, Reasoning, English, and Mathematics. General Knowledge is particularly challenging to prepare for and requires a significant amount of time. As a result, candidates must have a strong command over this subject. Since it’s not easy to review all aspects of General Knowledge immediately before exams, we are offering a simple and efficient approach to General Knowledge (GK) with over 2000+ frequently asked questions in various competitive Defence exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, CISF, BSF, CRPF, CAPF, and more.

One Liner Questions

As you all know it is necessary to have exam oriented for excelling the exam but it becomes hard to sort out the exam oriented material from the rest. This article offers a collection of commonly asked one-liner General Awareness questions that frequently appear in various competitive Defence exams, such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT, CISF, CAPF, CRPF, and others. It is recommended that all the candidates should thoroughly review and commit these questions to memory.

This way, if any of these questions show up on their exams, they can answer them correctly. We strongly advise all candidates to carefully go through this article since these questions hold significant importance for their preparation. The General Knowledge questions, along with their answers, are provided below.

One Liner Static GK PDF

General Awareness section in Defence exams includes questions from wide variety of topics. Below is the distribution of topic wise number of questions asked (approximately) in the numerous Defence Exams. To score in the written exam, one has to prepare General Awareness section very well. In this section, Static GK plays a very important role as most of the questions come from this section only.

So we can see that General Awareness has a fairly considerable weight age so it is wise to prepare the section thoroughly so that you didn’t miss a single mark. Given below is the One Liner Static GK pdf for all the Defence exams:

Download 2000+ One Liner Static GK for All Defence Exams

Benefits of Static GK One Liners

There are a lot of benefits of the static GK one liners as many questions are asked from this section. Without further delay, lets discuss the merits of the 2000+ General Awareness One Liner PDF for various Defence Exams. This PDF will provide you the following benefits:

  • Exam oriented Questions
  • Based on the previous year pattern
  • Made by experts
  • Include all levels questions, easy to hard
  • Provide you a gist of the Subject
  • Save you the time of finding matter

2000+ GK One Liner for All Defence Exams_3.1


How to Download GK One Liner PDF for defence exams?

Download the PDF of GK One Liner for defence exams from the link given below.

What is the importance of GK one liners?

The GK one liners are of great importance as there are vaiorus questions asked in the defence exams for the GK one liners.


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