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General Science Questions PDF for CDS 1 2024

General Science Questions for CDS: The CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam is highly desirable for individuals aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces. CDS I 2024 exam is scheduled for 21st April, 2023. It is crucial for aspirants to dedicate their full efforts to prepare and aim for success in the exam.

  • General Science is a crucial section for CDS Exam success, especially for CDS I 2024.
  • Thorough preparation of various topics in General Science is essential.
  • Practicing previous years’ questions is vital for readiness.
  • Regular practice of these questions enhances knowledge and confidence.
  • It better equips candidates to face CDS Exam challenges.
  • Improved preparation increases chances of success in CDS I 2024.

300 Most Important General Science Questions for CDS PDF

To excel in competitive exams, especially in the Defence sector, it’s vital to prepare yourself with the kinds of questions asked in past years. Previous year’s questions are immensely valuable for simulating timed practice tests with actual exam questions. To support your preparation, we’ve compiled a set of the top 300 questions for the General Science section. This resource enables you to practice efficiently and boost your preparation for the exam.

CDS Aspirants can download the PDF from the above link and practice them. Don’t forget to set the timer in order to gain efficiency in your preparation level. To access additional practice questions, ensure you stay connected with DefenceAdda, as they offer free study material tailored for CDS I 2024.
  • To enhance your daily improvement, it is essential to attempt numerous mock tests. By providing access to over 70 mock tests, Adda247 facilitates the monitoring of your daily progress effectively.
  • Regularly taking these mock tests will aid in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on areas that require improvement and increasing your chances of success in the upcoming CDS I 2024 examination.
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What does the General Science section in the CDS exam cover?

The General Science section in the CDS exam covers fundamental principles and concepts from various branches of science, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science.

How many questions are usually asked from the General Science section?

The number of questions may vary from one CDS exam to another. Generally, there are around 40 to 50 questions in the General Science section.

What are the topics I should cover for the General Science section of CDS?

The General Science section may include questions from various topics, such as:

Physics: Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Optics, Electricity, etc.
Chemistry: Periodic Table, Chemical Reactions, Acids and Bases, Organic Chemistry basics, etc.
Biology: Human Physiology, Plant and Animal Kingdoms, Genetics, etc.
Environmental Science: Pollution, Conservation, Climate Change, etc.

How important is General Science section in CDS exam?

One of the most important subjects asked in almost all of the defence exams is General Science. If a candidate have a good knowledge of General Science, it can be of great help in the exam.

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