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General Behaviour of Indian Army Officer

General Behaviour of Indian Army Officer

As a defence aspirant it is very important to know the behaviour of Indian Army officer. You must start practising these points in your attitude so that it helps in your SSB Interview.
  • The officers, and if married, his family who wishes to derive the greatest satisfaction from service life may enhance the possibilities by observing a few simple policies.
  •  Strive to be on good terms with all. Choose your close associates with care; it being at once both unnecessary and impractical to try to become close friends with everyone, as some associates will be less attractive in their appeal than others.
  • Avoid open expressions of dislike as these invariably get around and lead to hostilities.
  • Avoid cliques. It should be a constant aim to broaden acquaintances.
  • Social obligations should be repaid but done strictly in accordance with one’s means, without excuses for simplicity or austerity.
  • An officer is expected to be gentle. He must behave like one. One of the first things a gentleman do is not be offending the susceptibilities of others.
  • A gentleman is thoughtful of others. His elders he would invariably address as “Sir” unless, of
  • course, they happen to be junior to him in rank. As a gentleman, he is equally courteous to the old and
  • infirm.
  • It does not become a gentleman to borrow money and worse still if he borrows from a woman.
  • If he is called upon to play any game for stakes which he cannot afford, it is permissible for him to say, “I,m sorry I cannot afford to play for those stakes. But good luck to you”.
  • He must avoid any tendency towards self – praise or discussing his private matters in general company.
  • A gentleman does not speak against a woman’s reputation, nor does he show anyone his personal letters from women.
  • One of the greatest assets of any man constitutes his ability for correct, simple and dignified
  • speech, coupled with a capacity for interesting and intelligent conversation.
  • Correct pronunciation is a foremost requirement. If in doubt avoid its use until after access to a dictionary.
  •  Avoid slang and profanity.
  • Should be reciprocal not monopolized.
  • Engaging an intelligent conversation requires, among other things a broad contact with literature, and familiarity with current events.
  • The officer should devote frequent periods of time to reading and studying and should cultivate an interest in national and world affairs as well as in the happenings of merely local interest.

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