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Daily Routine for Defence Aspirants preparing for SSB Interview

The Daily Routine is the most crucial element in the candidate’s life especially for the defence aspirants, who aim to join the Indian Armed Forces as Officers  have to put their foot in two different boats which will eventually take them in the same direction. They have to build a personality and study at the same time. Aspirants often wonder, What an ideal daily routine should look like. How can they balance the day while preparing for SSB and the Written exam? In this article, you will find what your daily routine should be like.

Daily Routine for Defence Aspirants

Aspirants need to understand that armed forces are looking for an ordinary good human being. They are not looking for some extraordinary person with extraordinary abilities. You are what you do on the daily basis. Candidates should ask themselves about their ideal daily routine and follow that routine sincerely.

Your 24 hours should include Studies, pursuing your hobby, Social Interaction with family and friends. Candidate should avoid using social media and refrain from any other negative addictions like Games and OTT.

List of Things to Do in Day for Defence Aspirants

“Rise, Train, Study”

Tell me about your daily routine? is asked to every candidate who faces the interviewing officer in the SSB interview. You should be honest while giving this answer. This table organizes your day into structured blocks of time for planning, study, physical activity, relaxation, and personal development, aligning closely with the demands of preparing for defense exams and the SSB interview. Adjust timings as per your personal schedule and preferences.

Activity Reason
Plan the Day: Set daily targets and goals Gives clarity and motivation for rest of the day
Revision: Review previously studied subjects and notes Revise all of the previously studied topics and subjects
Physical Fitness: Choose an activity (running, swimming, yoga, gym) It is important to stay fit for the SSB interview Ground Tasks.
Household Help: Assist family with morning tasks Showcases your Sense of Responsibility
Freshen Up 
Read Newspaper: Focus on defense-related topics, make notes In the SSB Interview, it Will help you in Group tasks like Lecturette and group discussion.
Speak Aloud: Practice speaking on a topic in front of mirror  Build confidence and clarity in speech. One should practice reading aloud with pitch control. It will be extremely beneficial for Group discussion.
15-minute Break 
Study Slot 1 (2 hours)  Denote this time only for your studies, studying continousl for two hours will increase your determination.
15-minute Break 
Psychological Tests: 10 SRT, 10 WAT, 3 PPDT, 2 TAT  Practicing for you SSB Interview is must on the daily basis.
Prepare for potential SSB interview questions Write down the answer of Questions you are preparing. Remember, Writing down things gives you more clarity in life.
General Knowledge: Study defense-related topics  The importance of current affairs and defence knowledge is nothing to be reminded of, You should know A to Z of the Armed forces.
15-minute Break 
Study Slot 2 (2 hours)  Competitive Exam Preparation according to your daily study targets.
Pursue Hobby/Interest: Personal time  Hobbies and Interests are your cheerleaders in daily life. By Pursuing your Hobby , you will give time to self. If you don’t have any hobby, it is recommended to find one.
Connect with Friends/Family: Reconnect or talk  Your relationships in life hold the utmost value, Candidate should give time to their loved one. This all will help you in you SSB Interview.
15-minute Break
Mock Tests: Practice exams (NDA, SSB) Test your preaparation by giving Mock test. It will do two things, one build your confidence and two, gives your a reality check of your preparation.
Study Slot 3 (3  hours) 
Revision: Review the day’s study material  Revision is the key to success. It does not matter how much you study, all that matters is , how much do you remember.
Read a Book: Non-study related reading  Develop a reading habit. Reading books increase your range of thoughts and ideas.
Dinner  Healthy eating habit will aid you in your life. Don’t dwell over unhealthy food and make things harder for yourself.
Sleep Sleeping on the same time and waking up on the same time will make you disciplined.

Tips to crack SSB Interview

  1. Understand the SSB Process: Familiarize yourself with the structure, tests, and evaluation criteria of the SSB interview. Know what qualities the assessors are looking for in candidates.
  2. Work on Communication Skills: Practice speaking confidently and clearly. Work on your verbal and non-verbal communication, as it plays a crucial role in the interview and group tasks.
  3. Develop Officer-Like Qualities: Focus on qualities like leadership, initiative, decisiveness, and empathy. These are key traits that the SSB assessors look for in potential officers.
  4. Practice Psychological Tests: Practice tests like SRT (Situation Reaction Test), WAT (Word Association Test), TAT (Thematic Apperception Test), and PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test). Understand the format and practice timed responses.
  5. Physical Fitness: Maintain a good level of physical fitness. Engage in regular exercise to stay fit and energetic throughout the selection process.
  6. Stay Updated with Current Affairs: Read newspapers, magazines, and online sources to stay updated on national and international affairs, especially those related to defense and security issues.
  7. Time Management: Develop good time management skills. Practice balancing different tasks and prioritizing effectively during the interview process.
  8. Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude throughout the selection process. Show enthusiasm, confidence, and a willingness to learn and improve.
  9. Mock Interviews and Group Discussions: Participate in mock interviews and group discussions with peers or mentors. Seek feedback and work on improving your performance.
  10. Self-Reflection: Regularly reflect on your strengths and areas needing improvement. Be open to feedback and continuously strive to enhance your skills and qualities.

Habits to include in Daily Routine to Crack SSB

  • Morning Routine: Start your day early with physical exercise, meditation, or yoga to stay physically and mentally fit.
  • Reading and Analysis: Dedicate time daily to read and analyze current affairs and defense-related topics. Make notes and practice summarizing them.
  • Practice Speaking: Read aloud from newspapers or books daily to improve fluency and articulation. Practice speaking confidently on various topics, including those related to defense.
  • Daily Revision: Review your SSB preparation notes and psychological test responses daily to reinforce learning and improve retention.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and get adequate sleep. A healthy lifestyle contributes to overall well-being and performance.
  • Mock Tests and Exercises: Regularly participate in mock SSB interviews, psychological tests, and group discussions to simulate the actual interview environment.
  • Journaling: Maintain a journal to record your thoughts, reflections, and progress. Use it to track your strengths, areas for improvement, and goals.
  • Networking: Connect with other defense aspirants, seniors, or mentors. Exchange ideas, experiences, and study strategies to enhance your preparation.


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Is SSB Interview difficult?

Yes, SSB Interview is considered as one of the toughest Interview to crack.

What is SSB Interview?

The SSB (Services Selection Board) interview is a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) to assess candidates' suitability for commissioning into the respective services as officers. It is a multi-stage selection process designed to gauge various aspects of a candidate's personality, aptitude, and potential for leadership.

How many stages in SSB Interview?

Stage I: Screening Test - Intelligence and Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PPDT).
Stage II: Psychological Tests, Group Testing (GTO) Tasks, and Personal Interview.
Conference: Final assessment and decision-making by the board.


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