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How to Write Argument for CAPF (ACs) 2022

How to Write Argument for CAPF (ACs) 2022

  1. Know the format 
    First, you should know how to form the content that you have. Generally it is divided into three parts that is the introduction, body and conclusion. You need to cover all the three in the given words limit. Before writing anything down think about the points that you are planning to mention and try to frame it in the manner it should be (divided into 3 parts) and then start writing. It helps you to fetch you good marks as it shows clarity of thoughts and understanding of the topic. Also try to write point wise, rather than writing in paragraph form. As it is easy to read and shows clear understanding.
  2. Quality based content
    What a student studies, he/she reflects the same in the exam. So for that try to avoid all the unnecessary content. Otherwise, you will end up writing things which might not give you good marks. For the content, first you need to do little research about what you need to study, read newspaper and analyze the previous year question paper so that you could also understand the type of topic that can be asked and also what is relevant content that you need to write.
    Try to go for the different sources as the topic can be asked in various ways and you must be prepared to answer that.
    Make a proper list of the expected topics to practice it before hand and to give you the confidence to write in exam with confidence.
  3. Practice daily
    Since you would have your own researched list, try to practice all those topics in the word limit of 200 words. Don’t forget to practice the previous papers as it help you a lot to understand the type of arguments that can be in the exam and also you get the idea of the expected topics. Take the help of all the available sources like internet, relevant books or debate on sansad TV that would surely help you to have your own understand and opinion about the topic. Make your own notes and put it in a specific way while writing those down in any answer.
  4. Pen down your opinion 
    In the arguments when you need to write in favor or against, You should have your own opinions own the topic that must be based on some facts or figures which you can also add to support your point of view. But the point to notice here is that don’t be extreme in any case, you need to take a balanced approach while writing in favour or against any argument.
  5. Don’t cross the word limit 
    Generally, UPSC paper of CAPF has 2 questions over arguments. Each question is of 20 marks that is total 40 marks. Student must know how to write the argument in a short and crispy way, considering the word limit of around 300 words for each question. Try to avoid unnecessary things and be crisp and clear while penning down your thoughts. Practicing one to two topics daily helps in giving clarity of thoughts and writing the specific content.

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  • Example of Argument Writing

Que – Development and creation of job must take priority over social development. (CAPF AC 2014)

Arguments for – 

  1. Providing employment – Generating employment sets up a “positive spiral of economic activities”. With creation of jobs, income of people also increase which leads to more spending. Therefore it also leads to increased demand, that also result in more employment generation.
  2. Economic Growth – Employment generation and positive spiral results in increased GDP growth which is a positive sign for growth of economy.
  3. Poverty Eradication – Poverty is worst form of violence. Insufficient incomes due to lack of employment becomes a cause of poverty which leads to miserable life of people like not getting access to drinking water, education, health etc.
  4. Social Development – Sustainable development is only possible by way of employment generation. As income of family increases, its capacity to spend also increases in the same manner.
  5. Demographic dividend – Population of India is mainly young. Without employment, this young population could become demographic disaster but with the proper employment opportunities they can participate in demographic dividend.
  6. Revenue Generation – More job creation and positive cycle of economic growth will increased tax revenue of governments. It will enable government to spend more on social infrastructure and that leads to social development.

Arguments Against – 

  1. High illiteracy – India is already in a poor state when it comes to literacy rates with having adult literacy rates at 73.2%.
    Though the country has made significant growth in improving literacy over the years, still there is a lot of scope to improve. Providing proper education and skill before employment is very important.
  2. Ensuring healthy population – MMR in India is still very high at 113 which needs to be reduced with proper planning and expectancy is around 68 years of age. Every year lack of proper sanitation facilities, common diseases like diarrhoea, malaria, dengue etc. leads to deaths in large numbers. So firstly improving the social conditions must be the priority.
  3. Constitutional backing – As Our constitution has clearly mentioned in Directive principles of state policy that the state has the responsibility of ensuring good health to its citizens, improve maternal health, creates employment opportunities and also ensuring proper education facilities.
  4.  Employment generation – Every economic process needs fit people, mentally and physically that can ensure availability of skilled and healthy labor
  5. To achieve SDGs – India is committed to achieve these SDGs and a strong social infrastructure is a key to achieve them. The government has been focusing on providing assets such as school, institutes of higher learning, hospital, access to sanitation, water supply, road connectivity, skills and livelihood opportunities.
  6. Women empowerment – Social development will lead to gender parity, increase in education and employment opportunities of women and ultimately to empowerment of women.

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