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Sure Shot Way to Crack AFSB Interview for Freshers and Repeaters

AFSB Interview

As you all know that AFCAT results has been declared on 13th March 2023. Students can check their scores and AFCAT cut-off here. And students who have cleared the written examination must be wondering about the next step which is your SSB interview. And keeping the same thing in mind, we have prepared this article exclusively for you. We will provide you some tips on how to do well in AFSB interview irrespective of the fact whether you are a Fresher or a Repeater!

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AFSB Interview Tips For Freshers:

  1. Since you are a fresher so you are supposed to be as natural as possible because this factor works positively for you and for that you must be extra careful in two activities – SD and PIQ (Self Description and Personal Interview Questionnaire). Make sure you match your words in the interview with the things you have mentioned/written in both these activities.
  2. Your honesty matters the most. It’s a long process of 5 to 6 days, where you are being judged at almost every moment. So no matter how hard you try to hide something. You will end up showing the reality sooner or later. So better to remain true throughout the process.
  3. Having weaknesses is not something which can deduct your marks, but hiding it can throw you out of the competition. Knowing your weakness is a sign of having a good sense of self-assessment. So recognise your weaknesses and plan your strategy to overcome them.
  4. When you are being asked to be Natural. Don’t confuse it with casual or informal. AFSB interview is a serious process to induct you as an officer into the most prestigious organization in the country. So treat it like that only and try to behave formally and show seriousness towards tasks. Don’t take your first attempt casually.
  5. When you are being asked about your circle. Be it, friends or family. Try to be positive. Criticising them can leave a wrong impression on the assessors.
  6. Most Important is you can’t be more than what you are. Prepare well and don’t forget to carry your confidence while going for the AFSB process as this is what matters the most. Whatever you have, Whoever you are, present that with confidence without fearing the results. You can just work on your performance, not on your results.

Now as we know, those who are going for the first time are considered Freshers and the others who already have faced the same process for 5 days are considered as repeaters in the SSB. On the first day all the candidates are generally divided into three group, First one who are appearing for the first time in SSB process, called as Freshers and the next group is of those who failed the first step of the SSB (screening) are referred to as screened out, and candidates who failed the second stage of the prior SSB are referred to as Conference Out. Generally Screened out are put with the freshers and after the screening process, everyone gets mixed. Although repeaters are not subject to a set pattern of questions, you can go through some of the more common repeater questions before you appear in the SSB. There is no cap on the number of AFSB interview attempts, thus regardless of the outcome of your prior written or AFSB interview, you can attend as long as you are age-eligible for a given course and try to give your best.

AFSB Interview Tips For Repeaters:

  1. Past is your teacher: The best thing about being a repeater is that you somewhere get to know where you need to improve in order to get yourself in. After your SSB, take out some time specifically to analyse your performance and work on those particular areas and tasks where you need to improve. Knowing your mistakes is not easy. You need to revisit your performance again and again so that you could understand the main reason behind your past mistake.
  2. Don’t have presumptions: Once you become a repeater, you try to become your own assessor. You analyse your performance while performing the task which ultimately affects your performance. So try to refrain from doing that and while giving your performance, just focus on how to perform. rather than analysing how well you are performing. Leave it to the assessors only.
  3. Keep polishing your personality: Once you know what Officer like Qualities are, your only motive should be just to try to include those qualities in your personality and behaviour because this is what matters the most. Not having any of the officer-like qualities could probably be the reason that you did not make it the last time. So identifying those specific qualities and working on them on daily basis would surely help you to give your recommendation this time. Remember SSB gives you opportunities as many times because they also believe that a candidate can always work on their personality in order to become an officer.
  4. Be passionate and maintain it: Joining the Indian Armed forces are the dream for many aspirants but not everyone is competent enough to become an officer. Assessors look for the passion in the candidate to join the armed forces and what efforts they are putting in order to maintain that passion. Make sure failures don’t mess up with your zeal to get that dream Uniform. Every time, go with the same excitement and enthusiasm with the belief of getting a recommendation this time.
  5. The process can be the same, but the experience is not: Once you become a repeater you don’t feel the way you used to feel initially and that affects your performance. Every time, you meet new people, you have new experiences, and you perform differently as per the situation. So Don’t carry the baggage of past SSB experiences, except for the things that could help you to perform better, otherwise, you might end up losing your confidence while performing the tasks. Many repeaters don’t enjoy anything inside the SSB and take it all too seriously. Yet they are supposed to be calm and patient during the SSB. When you are given a new task or test, don’t worry about the one you just finished. You’ll experience less tension if you answer the test questions honestly.

During your AFSB interview, What matters the most is how do you perform! And your performance is based on your confidence and your preparation. So just practice, practice and practice for various tasks. Candidates generally make groups with other aspirants online and practice on various social media platforms which prove to be very helpful for every aspirant as it helps freshers in knowing the process and repeaters keep themselves updated and prepared for the process.

So just have confidence in yourself and do your best in your upcoming SSB. We will try our best to stay with you in your success journey to help you in achieving your dream life.

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