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AFCAT 1 Exam Analysis 2024, Check Difficulty Level

AFCAT 1 Exam Analysis 2024

The AFCAT exam, conducted by the Indian Air Force, is aimed at selecting Grade A officers for positions in the Flying Branch and Ground Duty (both Technical and Non-Technical). This examination is held twice a year. The AFCAT 1 exam for the year 2024 was conducted by the Indian Air Force on 16th February. The Adda247 team has gathered feedback directly from students who have appeared for the AFCAT 1 exam in order to provide an analysis. With a significant number of candidates participating in the AFCAT exam nationwide, this analysis aims to assist students preparing for upcoming exam shifts by offering valuable insights.

AFCAT 1 Exam Analysis 2024 16th February 2024 Difficulty Level

The AFCAT 1 exam for the year 2024 was successfully conducted on the first day, and candidates are anticipating the detailed exam analysis. Defenceadda’s team is offering a comprehensive AFCAT 1 2024 Exam Analysis for the 16th February. The examination’s overall difficulty level was deemed moderate, and candidates can find a breakdown of the difficulty levels for each of the four sections.

Sections Level (Shift 1) Level (Shift 2)
General Awareness Moderate Moderate
Numerical Ability Easy-Moderate Moderate
Reasoning and Mental Ability Moderate Moderate
English Language Easy Easy to Moderate
Overall Moderate Moderate

AFCAT Exam Analysis 2024 16th February 2024 Good Attempts

While waiting for the exam results can be a test of patience, we can offer some temporary relief by calculating the average number of good attempts. After analyzing feedback from students who appeared for today’s moderate exam, our expert team has determined that the average number of good attempts falls between 71 to 78. For detailed information on good attempts, please refer to the table provided below.

Sections Good Attempts( Shift 1) Good Attempts( Shift 2)
General Awareness 13-15 15-17
Numerical Ability 16-17 18-20
Reasoning and Mental Ability 22-24 21-22
English Language 20-22 20-23
Overall 71-78 74-82

AFCAT Exam Analysis 2024 16th February 2024 Numerical Ability

In the AFCAT 1 2024 Exam, the Numerical Ability section was assessed to be of moderate difficulty. The majority of the questions were straightforward and could be solved using basic formulas, although some questions required more calculations. The topics covered in this section were fundamental mathematics concepts. We have compiled a thorough analysis detailing the distribution of questions across different topics within the Numerical Ability section.

Topic Weightage
SI&CI 1-2
Time and Work 1-2
Time and Distance 1
Profit and Loss 1-2
Average 1
Ratio & Proportion 1-2
Number System 2-3
Number Series 2-3

AFCAT Exam Analysis 2024 16th February 2024 English

In the AFCAT 1 2024 Exam, the English Language section was deemed to be of moderate difficulty. This section holds significant importance in the AFCAT exam, as a minimum of 25 questions are dedicated to English. Adequate preparation in this section can significantly enhance one’s chances of passing the written exam. The questions in this section typically cover topics such as error detection, grammar usage, idioms and phrases, vocabulary, etc.

Topic Questions Asked
Reading Comprehension 4-5
Technical 4-5
Sentence Rearrangement 2-3
Error Detection 4-5
Idioms & Phrases 2-3
Synonyms 2-3
Antonyms 1-2
Cloze Test 2-3
Analogy 1-2

AFCAT Exam Analysis 2024 16th February 2024 Reasoning and Military Aptitude

In the AFCAT 1 2024 Exam, the Reasoning section had questions of a moderate level of difficulty. Most of the questions were focused on non-verbal reasoning and military aptitude. The question pattern in this section remained consistent, allowing well-prepared candidates to attempt all questions confidently.

Topics Weightage
Odd One Out 1-2
Rearrangement Letter 1-2
Mathematical Relation 2-3
Blood Relation 2-3
Coding-Decoding 1-2
Analogy 1-2
Puzzle Test 2-3

AFCAT Exam Analysis 2024 16th February 2024 General Awareness

In the AFCAT 1 2024 Exam, General Awareness questions covered various subjects. Below is a table indicating the number of questions asked from each subject. Candidates can perform well in this section by having a foundational understanding of General Knowledge topics and staying updated on current affairs.

Subject Number of Questions
History 1-2
Geography 2-3
Polity 1-3
Economy 1-2
General Science 3-4
Current Affairs 4-5
Miscellaneous 1-2

Questions asked in General Awareness Section

First Commissioned Aircraft of Indian Airforce?
Motto of G20- One earth one family one future
What is Operation Zindagi? Rescuing of people from silkyara tunnel in uttarakhand
Where did Excise Vajr prahar happened?
First woman appointed as the chairperson of railway board? Jaya Verma
Landing point of chandrayan 3?
Para jumble on fighter plane.
Question on Babar and Ibrahim Lodi Battle.
5th Scorpion class submarine
At what place Alaknanda and Bhagirathi river meet. Ans. Devprayag
Tawa river is the tributary of? Ans Narmada river
Longest Salt Lake. Ans Sambhar lake
Who has the advisory power in India?
College of Defence management is situated in?
Question on Surface Air Missile.
Book Ain-e-Akbari was written by?
Question on Blood Clotting.


AFCAT 1 2024 Exam Analysis Shift 1

The given below is the youtube video about AFCAT 1 Exam Analysis for 16th February 2024. Our team of expert faculty members has drafted answers for all the questions featured in the AFCAT 1 Exam Analysis video attached below on YouTube. This session promises to be highly beneficial for candidates seeking detailed insights and understanding of the exam’s difficulty level.

AFCAT 1 2024 Exam Analysis Shift 2

The AFCAT 1 2024 exam analysis for the second shift is given below.

Exam Analysis


What was the difficulty level of the AFCAT 1 2024 exam?

The difficulty level of the AFCAT 1 exam was moderate.

What is the number of good attempts in AFCAT 1 2024 exam?

The number of good attempts in AFCAT 1 2024 exam is 65-75.

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