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Which Tissue Makes Up The Husk of Coconut?

Which Tissue Makes Up The Husk of Coconut?

  1. Collenchymas
  2. Parenchyma
  3. Phloem Parenchyma
  4. Sclerenchymatous Fibres

Ans. (4) Sclerenchymatous Fibres

Which Tissue Makes Up The Husk of Coconut?: Solution

The Husk of the Coconut is made up of Sclerenchymatous Tissue. It is a permanent tissue that makes the coconut plant hard and stiff. Because of this property, this tissue is also known as Supportive tissue. The cells of the tissue are very simple and dead. They have thick walls because of lignified cells, which helps in the outer protective covering of fruits and nuts.

Additional Information

  • Sclerenchymatous Tissue is present in stems, in the veins if the leaves, around vascular bundles and also in the hard covering of seeds and nuts.
  • Sclerenchyma Tissues cells persist as the living cells and resemble spiral or ring patterns during the coconut plant’s initial growth cycle.

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Which Tissue Makes Up The Husk of Coconut: FAQ

Q1. Where are sclerenchyma fibres found?
Ans. The sclereide is abundant in the shell of nuts, stones of fruits, and the fibre is abundant in the inner bark, wood, leaf veins, etc.

Q2. Are xylem fibres Sclerenchymatous?
Ans. The xylem fibers are non-living sclerenchyma cells.

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