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Tips to Remain Physically Fit for Defence Aspirants

Tips to Remain Physically Fit for Defence Aspirants

Hello! Defense Aspirants,

Hope you are doing well, here we are with our new article in which we will discuss about some tips of staying healthy and fit.

Physical fitness is the way of living a longer, healthier and happier life and when you are a defense aspirant, it becomes necessary to keep yourself fit and ready to handle immense pressure and difficulties, in Defense only those are chosen who are exceptional and brilliant in every aspect of life, those who are physically and mentally tough can bear the atrocities of the war-field.

 ‘The clock is ticking. Are you becoming the person you want to be?’

To become the person you want, here are some tips to boost your stamina and spirit

  • Wake up early in the morning , morning birds are always preferred to night owls, and in defense, Early to bed and Early to rise is the rule.
  • Stretch enough to ensure every muscle of the body is ready for the day, stretching also relieve feel good hormones to ensure mental fitness
  • Running, you will dearly pay if you skip running, run for at least 20 minutes a day and focus on increasing speed, You can use fitness bands to track your progress and to keep the record of miles you have covered.
  • Sit ups, the next thing after you finish running is the sit ups, start with 20  and gradually increase the number, sit-ups make your leg and core muscles strong and ultimately increase the leg strength.
  • Push-ups are the first thing they look for in a defense aspirant , there are a number of ways in which push-ups  can be performed, you can start from the simple ones, then increase the difficulty level, master push-ups if you are a defense brat
  • Chin ups are the most difficult one’s to master but not enough to challenge your spirit, and if you have decided to join the forces then this is nothing compared to the hardships of Battlefields.
  • Play games on a daily basis as games help you in building leadership skills and team- spirit , games like football, handball, basketball can help you immensely and on the  Bright-side  you will get to meet your inner child
  • Rock- climbing, hiking are some other activities that will give you enough confidence and prepare you for the training you will receive after joining, also it can be a good escape with your friends if you are adventurous
  • Skip the Rope and steer up your hope, the best exercise for cardio, and no one can deny the importance of cardio exercises in a fitness regime, you can make it fun by competing with your friends
  • Yoga, the gift of India to the world, the best way of Simultaneously working on your Inner and outer well being, reserve two days of the week for yoga practices,we bet you won’t regret this.
  • When we talk about fitness it is not always about tough and strenuous exercises, yes for a defense aspirant it is necessary to get comfortable with these tough exercises but along with it  a decent meal is more then necessary, they say you are what you eat, so eat good keeping in mind the requirements of your body, say no to the junk food, eat nutrient rich diet.
  • Give few minutes from your time to your hobbies, as it is a necessity to enjoy yourself when you dream of a challenging life ahead, do what you love, there is lot to learn from other things as well
  • Reward yourself for every target or goal you achieve, by goals we mean the daily target, once you enjoy celebrating your small achievements, you will achieve the greater targets really soon.

So these are the few tips applying which you can ensure your physical and mental fitness, and for a defense aspirant fitness is Holy Grail! go ahead your Dreams are waiting for you.

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