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SSB Dress Code, What to Wear While Reporting for SSB?

SSB Dress Code

Reporting day is quite a challenging day as it decides whether you are getting screened in or not as your stay further for 5 days is solely dependent on that. There always remains the confusion whether to choose formals or informals as there are candidates who get screened in, even in the informal dress up.

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So a candidate stays in dilemma whether to choose comfort or professionalism. I hope till the end of this article you get the clarity to decide your next dress up for the upcoming SSB.

SSB Interview Dress Code for Male/ Female

To end this debate of choosing between  formals and informals we are opting for formals. We will you tell you all the positive reason to choose formals – 

  1. Can anyone be judged for wearing formals? Answer is NO.  Wearing formals gives you an upper edge that obviously you are not getting screened out for the choice of your clothes. There is a probability of you getting screened even in informal due to your performance in OIR or PPDT but there is a surety that you are never getting screened out, merely, because of the fact that you wore formals.
  2. Gives you self confidenceOne of the officer like qualities is self confidence and you carry yourself with that confidence when you are in formals. Even psychologically it’s proven that wearing a suitable dress helps you to perform better by reducing your anxiety and feeling much confident about yourself.
  3. SeriousnessSince formals are linked with professionalism. It leaves a positive impression that you are serious about what you are doing. It’s a normal human nature to judge somebody on that basis of appearance and in SSB we go to present ourselves in the best way possible There are psychologists who are only there to judge your personality. So its completely logical and rationale to put on the dress which will help you to enhance your personality.
  4. Formals can be comfortable too – When you choose the right fit, you don’t feel any uneasiness in wearing formals. Formals can be comfortable enough to make you feel good about yourself. Try to check properly if the formal dress up
  5. Choose the appropriate formal shoes, hairstyle and accessoriesSince there are no varieties available in the market in the name of formal shoes. But you have to be cautious while choosing what is appropriate for the armed forces. Remember it’s not the corporate world where fancy things will be entertained or appreciated. So better not to go for any accessory, unnecessarily. Maybe a watch will work but anything other than that will not gonna help you to impress your assessors. Hairstyle must be in alignment with your formal outfit.  Short hair for boys is much appreciated in the Indian armed forces. For girls it must be a properly set bun, ponytail or a long braid. Here, you are supposed to be simple with everything you are putting on.

For shoes refer the one which are presented in the image below –   

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Still you prefer wearing informals since your friend has got screened in after wearing  T-shirt and pajama, so you should certainly give it a try but don’t forget to maintain decency as there is always a scope to show some professionalism even in informals too and we think one is quite mature to understand what can probably be the indecent. 

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