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SSB Dress Code for Interview

SSB Dress Code for Interview

American Costume Designer Edith Head rightly said “You can have anything you want if you dress for it”.

The objective of the interview is to assess the overall personality of the interviewee which can only be understood in personal interaction and is a golden opportunity for him or her to obtain high marks without a pen and paper but with verbal interaction alone!

Below are some tips for the Dress Code for SSB Interviews.

Dress Code for SSB Interviews

A candidate stays in dilemma whether to choose comfort or professionalism. We hope till the end of this article you get the clarity to decide your next dress up for the upcoming SSB. 

To end this debate of choosing between  formals and informals we are opting for formals. We will you tell you all the positive reason to choose formals. 

SB interviews are conducted in a formal setting though in an informal fashion to put the candidate at ease. Accordingly, a candidate is expected to dress up in a formal manner for the interview. Formal dress involves a light-colored shirt (full sleeves) and a dark-colored pant with leather shoes which have laces.

Candidates should also put on a tie to make the dress appear formal. During winters, candidates may put on a coat or sweater, as required. Candidates must shave their beards and have a haircut, as these aspects are considered a part of the discipline in the armed forces. Girl candidates should put on sober clothes and use minimum jewelry and only essential make-up. Wearing casual clothes like jeans, T-shirts, and sports shoes must essentially be avoided. Make sure, the mobile phone is not carried during the interview, even if the phone is switched off.

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