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15 Most Common SRT for SSB Interview

15 Most Common SRT for SSB Interview

15 Most Common  SRT for SSB Interview: Situation  Reaction test is the 3rd  test in the psychological test battery series. In this test 60 situation are given to you in a sheet. You are given 30 minutes to attempt all the SRT. You should be very practical and logical while attempting these situation.

Be very honest, imagine yourself in the situation given to you and write whatever you will do to. Use all resources that are provided to you. Your Officer Like Qualities will be assessed by the psychologist in this test.

What is SRT in SSB?

You will be having 30 seconds per situation in order to complete all 60 situations within 30 minutes. In this article we have provided you 15 most common SRT for SSB Interview.

SRT for SSB Interview

15 Common Situation asked in SSB Interview.

1. He was going to the neighboring village on his cycle to get medicine for his ailing mother. The cycle got puncture and it was getting dark. He……………
2. He was driving down a deserted road. He saw some men teasing a girl. He………
3. He was given the responsibility of organizing a picnic. He……..
4. He was the leader of the trekking group and found that the route was hazardous due to heavy snowfall. It was getting dark…..
5. His girlfriend wants to to movie, while other friends suggest to go for a picnic. He……
6. He finds an old lady falling due to jerk in a train compartment. He……..
7. He was suffering from high fever on the day of examination. He…….
8. While playing football final match he hurt his knee. He…….
9. While participating in the group discussion, he found that the some members are not co-operating. He…..
10. He found a wallet with money lying on the road. He……….
11. He doesn’t get selected in  SSB Interview. He………..
12. While going for the important conference he found that a motorcyclist had met with an accident. He…….
13. He is not sure of his success in the examination. HE…………
14. His parents were quarreling about his career options. He………
15. While travelling in a train, he saw that a compartment caught fire. He………………
15 Most Common SRT for SSB Interview_30.1


How to write self description test in SSB?

Read the situation very carefully and then write the solution. Be very practical and natural in your responses and don’t try to write someone else’s response.

How much time is given for SRT in SSB?

A composite time of 30 minutes is given to react to these situations. This means 30 seconds per situation in order to complete all 60 situations within 30 minutes.

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