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Set of 60 WAT with Solutions

Word Association Test

The Word Association Test (WAT) holds a significant position in the psychological assessment during SSB. This tool is pivotal in evaluating an individual’s thought patterns and underlying beliefs at a subconscious level. Originated by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung in the early 20th century, the WAT has become a prominent tool used by psychologists and researchers to gain insights into a person’s psyche.

  • In this test, candidates are provided with a list of 60 words displayed on a screen.
  • Each word is shown for 15 seconds, during which the candidate must construct a meaningful sentence using that word.
  • The entire exercise has a time limit of 15 minutes.
  • The Word Association Test (WAT) essentially prompts participants with words and evaluates their immediate, instinctive responses in the form of sentences.
  • The words presented can be either concrete (e.g. tree, chair) or abstract (e.g. freedom, love), and can be chosen based on the specific goals of the researcher.

One can practice well to perform in a better way in this test. Try to practice as many words as possible so that you are able to perform comfortably and cover maximum words in the given time limit.

WAT Motive

The main motive behind this test is that if you truly understand the word and its meaning, your response to the word will not fall below an acceptable level.

Set of 60 WAT with Solutions

Here is a set of 60 words with solution. These are given to you for the reference.

  1. Knife – Sharp knife slay targets with precision.
  2. Tomorrow – Disciplined people never leave tasks for tomorrow.
  3. Refrain – Refraining from negativity helps to stay cool.
  4. Table – Table lamp is the useful friend in a student life
  5. Zenith – Reaching zenith needs patience
  6. Shine – Person shines the best in own skin
  7. Time – Timely done tasks is a sign of commitment
  8. Hard – Easy life demands some hard decisions making.
  9. Bright – hard work ensures bright future.
  10. Ambition – Commitment towards ambition helps in achieving it.
  11. Sun – Children are like sunshine to mood.
  12. Boy – Army boys are tough and disciplined.
  13. Class – There is a class in the personality of soldiers.
  14. Heart – following passion with heart is blissful
  15. Mistrust – Communication helps to eliminate mistrust.
  16. Hurdles – practice helps to overcome hurdles.
  17. Quit – strong will power helps in quitting bad habits.
  18. Ugly – being ugly is the state of mind.
  19. Diverse – Diversified area shows acceptance in hearts.
  20. Passion – Passion demands everyday improvements.
  21. Challenge – heart of steel is unafraid of taking challenges.
  22. Comfort – Staying away from comfort zone helps in facing difficulties
  23. Stress – Dancing ones heart out helps in relieving stress.
  24. System – systematic approach makes the task easier.
  25. Flower – colorful flowers brightens up the mood.
  26. Father – father teaches grit and determination.
  27. Blood – blood donation is one of the kindest offerings.
  28. Sister – Sister is the best confidante.
  29. Mother – Motherly feeling is solely a pure emotion.
  30. Danger – dangerous tasks are completed with
  31. Interest – fun love activity is done with interest.
  32. Party – Party helps in gelling up with people.
  33. Dare – Daring helps in achieving new heights.
  34. Charge – Staying hydrated keeps the person charged
  35. Further- learning ensures further enhancement of personality.
  36. Pack – packing is a skill in itself.
  37. Brush – Brushing up skills is important to stay updated
  38. Mystery – It’s fun to explore mysterious personalities.
  39. Uniform – Uniform brings uniformity.
  40. School – experiential learning is significant in schools.
  41. Part – Active participation ensures success.
  42. Bath – Bathing helps in maintaining hygiene.
  43. Vehicle – Adopting e-vehicles is a solution to climate change.
  44. Trap – honey trap is a form of espionage.
  45. Part – every part of life has something to teach .
  46. Numbering – numbering daily tasks helps in timely completion.
  47. Moment – Achieving goals is momentous.
  48. Chores – Completing household chores is satisfying.
  49. Live – living is an evolving skill.
  50. Partner – Understanding is foremost in partners.
  51. Hatred- consistent love eliminates hate.
  52. Lift – Self confidence lifts the spirit.
  53. Change – change is good for self improvement.
  54. Norms – norms help in maintaining order.
  55. Detriment – radicalism is detrimental to society.
  56. Fake – fake personality doesn’t sustain long.
  57. Clue – clue help to find the solution.
  58. Hurt – avoiding hurtful practices bring peace in society.
  59. Dream – perseverance helps in making dreams true.
  60. Day – everyday efforts are required to bring a permanent change.

So just like above given sentences try to make short yet meaningful sentences. They are supposed to be positive and should reflect your personality. After all through these sentences assessor is going to analyse your psychological knowledge.

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What is the purpose of the Word Association Test?

The purpose of the Word Association Test (WAT) is to measure a person's subconscious thought processes, attitudes, and beliefs. It can provide insights into their personality traits, mental states, and underlying motivations.

What kind of words are used in the WAT?

The words used in the WAT can be either concrete or abstract, and can be chosen based on the specific goals of the researcher or clinician. They can range from simple everyday objects to complex emotional concepts.

How is the WAT administered?

The WAT is administered by presenting a series of words to the participant and asking them to respond with the first word that comes to mind. The responses are then analyzed based on various criteria, such as response time, frequency of certain responses, and the type of responses given.

Can I crack SSB in first attempt?

If the candidate has prepared for the SSB well and is full confident and energetic, the possibility to crack the SSB in first attempt becomes more.

What is the main motive of WAT?

The main motive of WAT test is that if you truly understand the word and its meaning, your response to the word will not fall below an acceptable level.

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