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List of Top 5 Most Powerful Countries in the World

Top 5 Most Powerful Countries in the World

In this article we will see the top 5 most powerful countries and will also discuss the reason of their strength and power in details.

Name of the Country Population GDP
USA 328 million  $21.4 trillion
CHINA 1.40 billion $14.3 trillion
RUSSIA 144 million $1.69 trillion
GERMANY 83.1 million $3.86 trillion
UNITED KINGDOM 66.8 million $2.83 trillion

List of Top 5 Most Powerful Countries in the World

1. United States of America

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List of Top 5 Most Powerful Countries in the World

United States of America aka U.S. or U.S.A or just America, is the country in the North America continent. It is a federal republic of all total 50 states. The United States is known for its diversity which is majorly because of global immigration. In the whole world it has the most variety in terms of race, ethnicity, and culture.

America is the world’s greatest economic power, if it’s considered in terms of gross domestic product (GDP). Due to its availability of rich natural resources and its high agricultural output it remains at the top when it comes to production. Still the highest contribution is from its technologically advanced industry.

It is less than 250 years old and it achieved its current size only in the mid-20th century. US was the first of all the European colonies to separate successfully from its motherland, and it was the first nation to be established on the premise that sovereignty rests with its citizens and not with the government.

2. China

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List of Top 5 Most Powerful Countries in the World

China falls in Asian Continent and it is the largest of all Asian countries and it has the largest population of any country in the world. East Asian landmass is totally under china and all total it covers around one-fourteenth of the total land area of globe. Among the major countries of the world, China covers a huge land area on the globe and the only countries with lesser area are just Russia and Canada in the whole world. It is almost as large as the whole of Europe.

Central government controls its 33 administrative units directly. Its topography is known for its variety, having the highest and one of the lowest places on Earth, and its relief varies from nearly impenetrable mountainous terrain to vast coastal lowlands.

Around  twenty percent of humanity is of Chinese origin as its population is the largest and a lot in number that the country had to impose certain rules and norms to check the increasing population. Majorly Chinese (Han) is the oart of its population. which makes China, an ethnically homogeneous country, but China is not the only country to have the indigenous population.  With some rare outside influence, cultural development of China has been kept intact and original. Although, Buddhism from India is a major exception to this fact.

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3. Russia

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List of Top 5 Most Powerful Countries in the World

Since it’s the the world’s largest country, Russia covers one-tenth of all the total land area on Earth. It has total 11 time zones across two continents (Europe and Asia) and has shorelines with three oceans (the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Ocean).

The Russian landscape has various landforms. Be it sandy and frozen deserts, tall mountains to giant marshes. Russia is known for its large variety of Rivers. Russia is a home to around 100,000 rivers, including some of the longest and most powerful in the world. Largest lakes of Europe, Ladoga and Onega are also in Russia , and Lake Baikal, which contains more water than any other lake on Earth.

This incredibly large country has large number of ecosystems and different species. Its forests, steppes and tundras provide habitat for many rare animals like Asiatic black bears.

Russia has ethnic variety as it has around 120 ethnic groups in Russia and they speak more than a hundred languages. Popular known are Slavs who settled in the country 1,500 years ago and Tatars, who came with the Mongol invaders, and Ukrainians.

Thinkers and artists of Russia are admired all over the world like writer like Leo Tolstoy  and composers like Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Russia has not a very old democratic history. The country’s first election, which took place in 1917, was reversed by the Bolsheviks, and finally in 1991, with the election of Boris Yeltsin democracy revived in the country .

Russia is a federation of 86 republics, provinces, territories and districts, all controlled by the government in Moscow. Head of state is a president which gets elected by the people. Its vast supply of natural resources, including oil, coal, iron ore, gold and aluminium plays a huge role in its economy.

4. Germany

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List of Top 5 Most Powerful Countries in the World

Germany, or the Federal Republic of Germany as it is known officially, is a central European country knowing worldwide for its student base and working class from settled there from all over the world. Due to its prosperity  and a country projecting rich and diverse cultures, it is considered to be one of the best places to settle in.

Considering its geographic location, Germany borders the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and Denmark to the north, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France to the west, Switzerland, and Austria in the south, the Czechia and Poland in the east. Additionally, it shares maritime borders with Sweden and the United Kingdom.

With covering total area of 357,022 km², Germany becomes the seventh-largest country in Europe. It has a population of 83,2 million people. The capital and largest city is Berlin, with about 3.3 million inhabitants. The official language is German. More than half of the Germans speak English as a second language.

Germany is a federal, parliamentary, representative democratic republic. Its political system is based on the constitutional law, popularly known as the Grundgesetz (Basic Law) Germany’s constitutional law was approved on 8 May 1949 in the city of Bonn, at that time the provisional German capital.

5. United Kingdom

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List of Top 5 Most Powerful Countries in the World

The United Kingdom is the biggest island in the European Continent. It is made up of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and many islands around the world. The country is majorly surrounded by water, having only one land border with Ireland.

Full name of the country is “The United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland”, but it’s commonly knowns as the United Kingdom. Its population is more than 63 million. It’s capital London is quite dense with more than 8 million population of the City.

The Acts of Union, passed by the English and Scottish Parliaments in 1707, led to the creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and later, with signing a treaty, Ireland was also joined in the union in around 1800.

British universities are considered to be the best worldwide and they remain on top in global indexes. UK is a home to many foreign students who even settle their after their studies and live a satisfying life. It becomes the topmost reason for diverse and richer culture.

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