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Most Asked History Topics in UPSC CDS Exam Based on Previous Year Question Papers

Most Asked History Topics in UPSC CDS Exam

In the history section of the CDS exam, questions may be asked on various periods and aspects of Indian and world history. The topics that are typically covered include ancient, medieval, and modern Indian history, as well as world history, including major events and personalities.

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Candidates are expected to have a good understanding of important historical events and their significance, as well as the key figures and their contributions. They may also be tested on their knowledge of historical dates, timelines, and the broader historical context in which events took place.

Important History Topics for CDS 2023

CDS 2023 Exam is now very near, and candidates are just revising what they have studied. To ease their revision DefenceAdda has done some research work to provide candidates with the most important topics for CDS which are based on the previous year’s question Papers. Make sure that you go through these topics before going for your exam as it will certainly help you to fetch some marks in your CDS Examination. So let’s begin –

  1. Indian National Movement 
  2. Revolution of 1857
  3. Different thinkers and Social Reforms like the Abolition of Sati Pratha, Untouchability etc 
  4. Some Important Wars like the Carnatic Wars, Battle of Panipat, Battle of Tarain etc. 
  5. Indian National Congress and its Session 
  6. Popular Acts of the British government such as the Morley-Minto Reforms, Gandhi-Irwin Pact, Simon Commission etc 
  7. Religious Movements such as Jainism, Buddhism, 
  8. Gupta and Maurya Empire
  9. Some Popular Dynasties like Cholas, Cheras, etc 
  10. Mahmud Ghori and his invasions 
  11. Do not forget to cover Mughals and Especially Akbar and Sahajahan
  12. The Drain Theory 
  13. Some Popular Movements like Khilafat, NonCoperation Movements, and Swaraj Andolan. Home Rule Movement, Quit India Movement etc 
  14. Moderates and Extremists 
  15. Wars with Pakistan and China

In addition to studying, candidates should also practice the previous year question papers and mock tests to familiarize themselves with the format of the exam and improve their time management skills.

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What are the most important History topics for CDS 2023?

Read this article to know the most important History topics for CDS 2023.

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