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How to Become Marcos Commando in India 2024

Marcos Commando

India is celebrated for its bravery and valor. Our soldiers exhibit an unparalleled commitment to serving the nation, even at the risk of their own well-being. From a young age, we are immersed in narratives of selfless sacrifices made by these soldiers, imprinting these virtues on our character. The extensive landscape of India is safeguarded by these courageous individuals, working tirelessly day and night to ensure our security.

However, the quest for peace is frequently disrupted by neighboring threats. To counter these challenges, India has established specialized forces, always ready to swiftly and effectively neutralize any threat. This article will explore one such formidable force, MARCOS, shedding light on what it takes to become a commando in this elite unit.

What is Marcos?

MARCOS is the shortened form for Marine Commandos, a unit that is part of the Navy but is adept at operations in the air, water, and land. Established in February 1987, MARCOS has gained international recognition for its professionalism and is also known as “Dadiwala Fouj.” Now, let’s delve into the rigorous process of becoming a MARCOS Commando.

History of MARCOS

In response to the increasing challenges in maritime security and the imperative to counteract terrorist activities along India’s coast, MARCOS was established in 1987. This elite unit draws inspiration from the U.S. Navy SEALs and the British Special Boat Service (SBS) and has grown into a highly capable force, earning acclaim for their successful missions.

The origins of MARCOS, officially termed the Indian Marine Special Forces, date back to the early 1980s when the Indian Navy recognized the need for a specialized marine unit to tackle rising maritime threats and conduct specialized operations. Named after “Marine Commandos,” the acronym MARCOS embodies the unit’s formation, drawing on the achievements and methodologies of esteemed global marine special forces like the United States Navy SEALs and the British Special Boat Service.

  • MARCOS was formed on February 26, 1987, as an elite special operations unit of the Indian Navy. It was initially formed with a small group of highly skilled personnel.
  • MARCOS personnel undergo intensive training in amphibious warfare, special operations tactics, combat diving, and unconventional warfare techniques. This training equips them to operate effectively in maritime, coastal, and inland environments.
  • MARCOS has played a key role in executing anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden and other piracy-prone areas. Their expertise in maritime operations and combat prowess has been instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of Indian vessels and their crews.
  • MARCOS has also been actively involved in conducting counter-terrorism operations both within India and beyond its borders. Their deployment in sensitive areas has been critical in thwarting terrorist threats and safeguarding national security interests.
  • One notable operation carried out by MARCOS was “Operation Pawan” during the late 1980s amid the Sri Lankan Civil War. MARCOS played a key role in capturing crucial LTTE-held territories, which contributed significantly to restoring peace in the region.

MARCOS Commando Eligibility

The Marcos Commando have the motto “The Few The Fearless” so the motto itself suggest how hard the Training is going to be, As very few people make it to the final selection but those who make it are the one synonymous with bravery. Below are the criteria for becoming A Marcos commando

  • Gender- Male
  • Age- 20s
  • Qualification- must be a sailor or Officer at navy.

Step By Step Process on How to Become a Marcos Commando

Mind you before volunteering for this special force you must be very very strong and Fit physically as the whole process forward is going to be like a nightmare, the Nightmare which leads to a daydream.

Given that you are a personnel of Navy a sailor or an Officer,  you need to volunteer for the Marcos Special forces and from here start the real hardships , there are four phases of selection

  • Phase 1: Pre-Selection.
  • Phase 2: Selection.
  • Phase 3: Initial Qualification Training (Basic SF Training).
  • Phase 4: Probation Period (Advanced SF Training).

Marcos Commando: Pre Selection

  • Pre Selection is a Three day long process .
  • Here you are tested for your physical stamina
  • The Pre selection also includes an aptitude Test.
  • If you are brave enough to get selected (only 20%) make it , then prepare yourself for the hell week.

Marcos Commando: Selection

The selection process includes a five week packed with daunting Tasks incorporating a hell week. The tasks are daunting and large doses of Sleep deprivation make it a much more grueling experience, but again this is nothing for a Strong willed person.

The Exclusive pack of this five week program comes with the following

  • Morning runs of 20-kilometres (12.4 miles).
  • Night marches of 20-kilometres (12.4 miles) carrying a 60 kg (132 lb) load.
  • Conduct training with live ammunition.
  • Once per week, conduct a march of 120 kilometres carrying a 60 kg (132 lb) load in a specified time limit.
  • ‘Hell Week’, modelled on the US Navy SEALs Hell Week.
  • A week of continuous training with, on average, over 20 hours each day containing continuous physical exertion.
  • Candidates will be lucky to receive more than 4 hours of sleep over the week.
  • At the end of the week, candidates will be expected to ‘run’ through an 800 metre, thigh-high thick mud filled, route known as the ‘Death Crawl’ carrying a 25 kg (55 lb) load.
  • Then complete a 2.5-kilometre (1.5 mile) obstacle course, before.
  • Fire at a target, with a fellow candidate standing right beside it, from 25 metres away.

Marcos Commando Training: Basic SF Training

You came out of the mouth of Hell? we salute you for your sheer bravery but that’s not enough to become a full fledged Para Commando, get your spirits high for the Basic SF Training. The Training Takes place at various institutes but the main superviser is INS Abhimanyu,

  • 10-week basic SF training, located at INS Abhimanyu, including:
  • Weapons handling training.
  • Ammunition and explosives training.
  • Unarmed combat training.
  • Close quarter battle (CQB) training.
  •  Kayaking.
  •  Photography.
  • Ship intervention drills.
  • Hostage rescue.
  • Recapture of offshore installations.
  • 3-week Basic Parachute Course at the Indian Army’s Parachute Training School, located at Agra.
    Basic Combat Divers course at the Indian Navy’s Dive School, located at Kochi.

Marcos Commando Training Advanced

You did it again? now the success is just a mile away, once you get through the Advanced SF Training then you are ready to become a Marcos Commando.

Training during this phase consists of:

  • Combat free-fall training (HAHO and HALO), plus water-para jump (with full combat load) capability training;
  • Counter insurgency, at the Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJWS) in Mizoram;
  • Anti-hijacking and anti-piracy;
  • Clandestine operations;
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance;
  • Amphibious operations (beach, coastal and riverine);
  • Unconventional warfare;
  • Language training (e.g. Arabic or Mandarin).
  • The language and culture of likely adversary areas, to enable them to operate and survive behind enemy lines;
  • Operations from submarines and submersible craft training;
  • Sniper competence and training on shoulder-launched missiles, MMGs, etc.;
  • Making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) with readily available items;
  • 4-week High Altitude Commando Course at the Parvat Ghatak School in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, along with other Indian SF units; and
  • Desert Warfare School in Rajasthan.

Once you complete this training you are now the part of prestigious special force, yes! you are the one in the few the fearless.

Marcos Commando Age Limit

Any Indian navy officer can apply for Marcos but their age should not be more than 20 years. So if applicants want to apply for Marcos must remember to check their age before applying.

Marcos Commando Salary

Marcos Commando Salary depends upon various factors and circumstances. Here we are giving approximate of their salary.

Basic Salary: 25000/month
Ship Diving Allowance: Between 8.500 to Rs.10,000
Marcos Allowance: Rs.25,000 ( 20% of Basic Pay (Hard Area Posting))
Field Area Allowance: Rs.16,900 (For Field Area Posting Only)
Field Area Allowance: Rs.10,500

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Is There A Direct Entry for Marcos Commando?

No, only Navy Personnels are eligible for becoming Marcos.

How Many Stages of Selection are there for becoming A Marcos Commando ?

the selection process comprises four steps

Initial Qualification Training (Basic SF Training).
 Probation Period (Advanced SF Training).

What is the motto of Marcos?

The motto of Marcos is ''The Few, The Fearless".

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