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ISRO’s Upcoming Missions 2022, Check Complete List

ISRO’s Upcoming Missions 2022

There are many space exploration missions for 2022 in the pipeline of ISRO. As of now there are 19 missions planned that include 8 Launch Vehicle Missions, 7 Spacecraft Missions, and 4 Technology Demonstrator Missions. Lately, the PSLV-C52 rocket, successfully launched the Indian Space Research Organisation’s EOS-04 earth observation satellite and two minor satellites into their target orbit on February 14, 2022.

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List of ISRO’s Upcoming Missions 2022

In this article we will look into 5 prominent missions of ISRO for the year 2022:


ISRO successfully launched this radar imaging satellite in February this year. RISAT-1A. This satellite will help India in border security and getting high-quality images for terrain mapping and analysis of land, ocean and water surface under all-weather conditions. It matches the RISAT-1 configuration.


It is one of the most talked about mission of ISRO. Under this mission, Men will be send to low earth orbit using indigenously built spacecraft and will be returned back safely to Earth, which will be including three Indian astronauts, and one of them will be a woman. It will be consisted of two unmanned flights and one human spaceflight.

After getting successful in this mission, India will become the part of elite club of nations after America, China and Russia. 

3. Aditya L1

It is going to be India’s first mission with the aim of exploring the Sun. Aditya means ‘sun’ in Sanskrit. It delayed due to pandemic but now it will be launched around october. The Aditya-L1 mission will be placed in a halo orbit around the Lagrange point 1, which is at a distance of around 15,00,000 kilometres from Earth. This mission will include the study of Sun’s Corona, Chromosphere and Photosphere and the study of particle flux emanating from Sun, and the variation of magnetic field strength.

4. Chandrayaan-3

ISRO will execute the most awaited Chandrayaan-3 mission in August 2022. This mission is a follow-up of Chandrayaan-2 of July 2019 which crashed into the Moon’s far side.

“Based on the learnings from Chandrayaan-2 and suggestions made by the national level experts, the realization of Chandrayaan-3 is in progress. Many related hardware and their special tests are successfully completed. The launch is scheduled for August 2022,”Dr. Jitendra Singh told in the parliament.

5. SSLV (Small Satellite Launch Vehicle)

On its first flight, the SSLV will carry one of India’s Earth Observation Satellites – EOS-2. Its application will be helpful in mapping, developing GIS applications, earth observation and providing internet connectivity in remote areas.. It has the potential to carry less than or equal to 500 kg and it is consisted of three stages.

Mid-wavelength infrared camera and a long-wavelength infrared camera with a resolution of 6 metres will be a part of it. Mission life is of ten months. The primary payload of the first demonstration flight of SSLV is an earth observation satellite MicroSat 2A.


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