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Indian Polity Black Book for AFCAT 1 2023

Indian Polity for AFCAT

Indian Polity is one of the most important subjects among all others which comes in the defence exams such as AFCAT, CDS etc. It is considered to be one of the favourites among students because candidates find it interesting to know about Indian Polity. It is also essential for an Indian Citizen as it covers the Indian Constitution which is something that every Indian Citizen must be aware of.  It helps to know about Indian Politics work from the election and voting to making government and helping them some important rights like fundamental rights in a better manner.

From an exam point of view, it can help the student to score good marks in the exam. Other than the Indian Constitution, Indian polity covers other heads too such as –

  1. Indian Polity Concepts (Eg: State, Organs of the state etc)
  2. Indian Constitution (All the essential parts and articles)
  3. Daily Indian Polity (Eg: Important Acts, Important Judgments etc)

There are certain topics that are most important and are most likely to come in the exam which include Salient features of the Constitution, Fundamental rights, Fundamental duties, Directive Principles Of State Policy, The Preamble, The federal and unitary features of the Indian Constitution, Centre-state legislations, Interstate relations, Special Provisions for Some States, Special status of Jammu & Kashmir, The President and the Central Council of Ministers, President’s powers, election and impeachment, Ordinance making power of President, Pardoning power of President and The Prime Minister etc.

Indian Polity Black Book PDF

If you want to cover all those topics including other important topics then you are certainly at the right place. Here, we are providing you with the best content for the Polity that can help you to study each and every important thing related to this topic.

The Complete Study Material on the “Indian Polity” is developed to help the aspirants of defence exams, especially AFCAT. Check it below –

Download Indian Polity Black Book PDF

Indian Polity One-Liner PDF

Below you will find one-word answer questions which will help you to test your knowledge about fact-based questions. It will help you to refresh all the knowledge that you have studied so far. The most important thing about these questions is that it helps you to check your accuracy and make you more confident about choosing the right and accurate answers to the question.

Download 100+ Indian Polity One Liner Questions PDF

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How to Prepare Indian Polity for AFCAT 1 2023?

Download Indian Polity Black Book PDF for complete preparation and Most Important One Liner Question PDF for AFCAT 1 2023.

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