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Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Salary and Job Profile 2022

Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Salary

If you are an aspirant who is willing to join ICG Assistant Commandant and you want to know every little detail related to the recruitment process then you are certainly at the right page. There are many benefits of joining this post and one of the most important reasons is the nature of the Job. In this article, we have provided all the details regarding the Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant’s Job profile and salary structure. Other than salary there are certain perks and benefits which are also provided, about which you will also get to know in this article.

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Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Job Profile 2022

As we know cracking the exam is not a piece of cake as it requires a lot of hard work, dedication and proper strategy. But it’s not just about cracking the exam. Real adventure begins after joining the forces as the work profile of the Assistant Commandant isn’t as easy as it seems. The Duty of the of Assistant Commandant may differ as per the qualification but the basic duty hours are the same for all. Officers work 24*7 if it is needed in case of emergency as they have a huge responsibility for the security of the whole nation by protecting the sovereignty of the seawaters. They keep discharging their duties irrespective of the Weather conditions and they work in extreme situations with the military rules and regulations.

They are posted onboard ships and in remote locations. They get the orders from senior officers and execute the same. The best part about the nature of the job is that they get to explore the world for free and the best things are they get to live a life full of adventure and new experiences. The Assistant Commandant also has the responsibility of commanding the junior Rank officers and guiding the team to protect the seafront of the nation.

Their primary duties include saving lives and catching smugglers and Poachers. They are provided with a unique uniform which gives them another level of confidence and a feeling of pride to serve the nation. Obviously, this job provides a handsome amount of salary but the kind of life it gives is just unmatched by any amount of money or any benefits given.


Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Salary Structure 2022

Salary works as fuel for the personnel which motivates them to work harder to join the forces and could choose an independent decent lifestyle. Assistant Commandant in Indian Coast Guard is a Group A post and the provision of salary and promotion of the Indian Coast Guard are in accordance with the Level 10 of the 7th Pay Commission. We have made a tabular format so that you could understand the salary structure as per the different posts of the Indian Coast Guard. Check it out –

S.No Post  Starting Salary [Basic Pay]
Assistant Commandant ₹56,100/-
       2. Deputy Commandant ₹67,700/-
        3. Commandant [JG] ₹ 78,800/-
      4. Commandant ₹1,23,100/-
       5. Deputy Inspector General ₹1,31,100/-
      6. Inspector General ₹1,44,200/-
       7. Additional Director General ₹1,82,200/-
       8. Director General ₹2,25,000/-

Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Allowances 2022

In every government job, there are some extra benefits provided to the personnel other than the salary and the same goes with the Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant. The list of the allowances has been provided below in detail. It will help the aspirants of the Indian Coast Guard Assistant to understand the job profile and the benefits in a better way. The list of allowances obtained by the Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant is detailed below –

Allowances and perks of Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant 
  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Professional Allowance
  • Special Personal Allowance
  • Medical Insurance for the Candidate and their family
  • Furnished Government accommodation
  • 45 Days- Paid Leave
  • 8 Days- Casual Leave
  • LTC for the candidates their family and their dependent parents
  • Pension Scheme [Contributory]
  • Medical Facilities [ ECHS – After retirement]
  • Insurance cover [1 Crore, 10,000 premium]
  • Child Care
  • Free gymnasium
  • Cafeteria
  • Free food
  • International tours
  • Education Assistant
  • Every year sports activity

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FAQs Related to Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Salary

Q1. What is the Basic pay of an ICG Assistant Commandant?
Ans. The ICG Assistant Commandant’s Basic Pay is ₹56,000 as per Level 10 of the 7th CPC.
Q2. What are the perks and benefits of the post of ICG Assistant Commandant?
Ans. It includes various kinds of benefits like Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, Professional Allowance etc.
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