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Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos

Indian Army Haircut

Indian Army is quite popular for its different kind of haircuts and styles, A uniform accompanied by specific Indian army Haircut transforms and grooms a person so well that his very look imparts an aura of confidence and smartness. Army Haircuts prefer short hairs and a neat Scalp and these Haircut need no or very less time for maintenance as Army personnel have a tight budget of Time.

Hair Cut In Indian Army

The Indian Army is renowned for its exemplary discipline, professionalism, and impeccable grooming norms. The soldiers of the Indian Army, characterized by their unique and neatly cropped hairstyles, demonstrate a profound sense of unity and honor. Their appearance reflects their strong camaraderie and unwavering pride in serving the nation as dedicated members of the armed forces. Here are some interesting facts about the Indian Army haircut and its significance:

  1. The Regulation Cut: The Indian Army follows a strict regulation haircut known as the “Armed Forces Cut.” This grooming standard entails cutting the hair to an extremely short length, typically ranging from 1 to 2 millimeters, resulting in a neat and consistent appearance. This haircut is mandatory for all ranks and is a symbol of discipline and conformity.
  2. Easy Maintenance: The short length of the Indian Army haircut ensures ease of maintenance, particularly in challenging field conditions. It allows soldiers to focus on their duties without having to worry about extensive grooming or hair care.
  3. Unity and Equality: The uniformity of the Indian Army haircut promotes a sense of unity and equality among the soldiers. Regardless of their rank or background, everyone adopts the same hairstyle, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.
  4. Hygiene and Cleanliness: In the military, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is crucial. The close-cropped hairstyle adopted by soldiers serves as a preventive measure against lice infestations and facilitates the maintenance of personal hygiene, particularly in challenging field conditions where regular showers and proper sanitation facilities might be scarce or unavailable.
  5. Safety and Practicality: The Indian Army haircut serves practical purposes as well. In combat situations, shorter hair reduces the risk of hair getting caught in equipment or interfering with the proper functioning of protective gear such as helmets and gas masks.
  6. Tradition and Heritage: The Indian Army haircut has a deep-rooted connection to the rich traditions and heritage of the military. The closely cropped hairstyle epitomizes the core values of the armed forces, which include discipline, professionalism, and selfless dedication to service.
  7. Symbol of Sacrifice: The Indian Army haircut is a visible symbol of the sacrifices soldiers make for their nation. It represents their commitment to upholding the values and integrity of the armed forces, even at the cost of personal comfort and individuality.
  8. Inspiration and Admiration: The distinctive Indian Army haircut has become a source of inspiration and admiration for many civilians. The closely cropped hairstyle is a powerful symbol of bravery, selflessness, and patriotism, serving as a constant reminder of the sacrifices made by soldiers to safeguard the nation.

Indian Army Hairstyle

Earlier Military haircuts were only used by the soldiers and Officers of the Indian Army but nowadays the craze for army haircuts/hairstyles has been high among common youth, the army Haircuts are now becoming a trending Fashion element in civilians. In this article, we will Discuss some of the best  Army haircuts.

Best Indian Army Haircuts with Photos

Here are some of the best Indian army Haircuts preferred by soldiers and civilians as well, we are providing photos along with the information so that next time you can easily recognize if a person is having Army Haircut and can ultimately decide which Hairstyle you like the best.

1. Indian Army Haircut: Regulation Cut

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_30.1
  • Straight Hair at middle
  • Skin fade at sides
  • Needs time for styling

2. Indian Army Haircut: High and Tight

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_40.1
  • Length is retained
  • Long hairs pulled backwards
  • Sides are shaved

3. Indian Army Haircut: Burr Cut

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_50.1
Burr Cut
  •  Short and stylish
  • Elongates the face
  • Super short hairs on top of the Head

4. Indian Army Haircut: Induction Cut

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_60.1
  • Very short hair.
  • No Maintenance is needed.
  • Adopted by freshly enlisted Personnel.

5. Indian Army Haircut: Undercut

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_70.1
  • Some hairs at middle front portion fading away till the nape of Neck
  • Subtle fade

6. Indian Army Haircut: Ivy League Haircut

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_80.1
  • Short Hair at sides
  • Thickness in middle
  • Styled by side parting

7. Soldier Indian Army Haircut: Crew Cut

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_90.1
  • Retro Style cut
  • Fades circling the head

8. Soldier Indian Army Haircut: Butch Cut

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_100.1
Butch Cut
  • Super short hairs
  • Sharp side fades
  • Ideal for hard to manage Hairs.

9. Indian Army Haircut: Flat Top Cut

  • Hair stands upright
  • Trimmed horizontally

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_110.1

10. Indian Army Haircut for Female

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_120.1
Indian Army Haircut for Female

There are no exemptions in the army for Females, they are also required to keep short hair like their male counterparts during the training period be it Soldier GD or OTA Chennai. No long Hairs are allowed during the Training period, they can keep their hair in a very tight bun but rarely anyone chooses to keep hairs as the training is very rigorous and it becomes impossible to manage hairs.

In conclusion, the Indian Army haircut is not just a mere style choice; it holds deep significance within the military fraternity. It embodies discipline, unity, and a sense of pride in serving the nation. This unique hairstyle has become an enduring symbol of the Indian Army’s dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to duty.

Different Types of Indian Army Haircut with Photos_130.1


Do girls have to cut their hair in Indian Army?

Yes, Girls have to trim their hair cut as male cadet.

Is it necessary to cut hair in army?

Yes, It is mandatory to cut hair in the Indian army according to their standards.

What is the haircut rule for Indian Army?

The length of hair should not exceed 4.0 inches, and it should not make contact with the ears or collar. Moreover, it should not extend beyond the eyebrows, and the volume of the hair should not be more than 2.0 inches.