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Indian Army gets its First Couple as CO

Indian Army gets its First Couple as CO

In a remarkable achievement, Colonel Pooja Chauhan has shattered conventions by being promoted to the Commanding Officer (CO) of an Engineer Regiment (TA) deployed in the Northern Command. What makes this achievement even more extraordinary is that her husband, Colonel Abhyuday Pant, is already commanding an Engineer Regiment in the Southern Command. This power couple’s simultaneous leadership roles in separate regions of the country’s defence forces mark a truly exceptional and unprecedented milestone.

Colonel Pooja Chauhan’s recent promotion as CO of the Engineer Regiment (TA) in the Northern Command highlights her exceptional skills, dedication, and remarkable career progression. Her role involves overseeing the regiment’s engineering operations, ensuring strategic infrastructure development, and leading a highly skilled team of engineers in the challenging terrain of the Northern Command. By assuming this crucial position, Colonel Chauhan has not only demonstrated her competence but also become a role model for aspiring female officers in the armed forces.

In a statement, the Indian Army said it is proud of its unique achievement, which will inspire all ranks and youth of the Nation.

Meanwhile, Colonel Abhyuday Pant, who hails from the Bombay Sappers, has been commanding an Engineer Regiment in the Southern Command, adding to the couple’s unique achievements. As an Engineer Regiment Commander, Colonel Pant is responsible for overseeing crucial construction and infrastructure projects, ensuring the operational efficiency of the regiment, and mentoring a dedicated team of engineers. His extensive experience and exemplary leadership have earned him the respect of his colleagues and subordinates alike.

The fact that both Colonel Chauhan and Colonel Pant have attained such prestigious positions simultaneously speaks volumes about their capabilities, perseverance, and commitment to their profession. It is a testament to their unwavering dedication to the defense of the nation and their relentless pursuit of excellence in their respective fields.

The couple’s achievement is not only significant in terms of personal success but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring military officers, particularly women, who aim to break barriers and excel in their chosen fields. It defies traditional gender roles and underscores the importance of equal opportunities and recognition based on merit within the armed forces.

Furthermore, their joint presence as commanding officers in different regions strengthens the bond between the Northern and Southern Commands and fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing between the two commands. This unique situation presents an excellent opportunity for exchanging best practices, enhancing operational strategies, and promoting camaraderie among the engineering regiments.

The success of Colonel Chauhan and Colonel Pant serves as a reminder that the Indian Armed Forces value talent, leadership, and dedication above all else, irrespective of gender. It is a testament to the progressive mindset within the military establishment, where individuals are recognized and rewarded based on their abilities and achievements.




Why is this Army Couple Famous?

It is the first couple in the 'Corps of Engineers' to have assumed command of Engineer Regiments in the Indian Army.

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