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Impact of Social Media on Young Minds

Impact of Social Media on Young Minds

In this article we will write on this topic in the argument form for CAPF (AC) as per the format by diving it into two section – Favour and Against. So let’s start with the points in favour first –

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Impact of Social Media on Young Minds Favour –

  • keep them informed – Social media helps in gathering information and knowing current affairs of the world with just scrolling down the feed
  • Helps in academics and career related opportunities – Social media is not just a tool to kill the time. Youth even use it to follow the trend related to their academic research and knowing the best opportunities for their career. For eg – Using LinkedIn and twitter.
  • Helps them to socialize – They remain in touch with people from every sphere of the life which helps in building relationships and a chain of network.
  • Helps in having an opinion – Social media not just helps in knowing the current and relevant issues but even helps the person to post his or her personal opinion and to have a healthy discussion regarding the same.
  • Helps in showcasing talent – With the minimum resources, one get the opportunity to showcase his or her talent even from the remote area of the country and to reach to the masses by using this social media tool.

Impact of Social Media on Young Minds Against

  • Negative effects on health – Social media addiction can be very dangerous for the well-being of a person as it can lead to a lethargic lifestyle and even cause mental problems like depression.
  • Negative use of Social Media – Without thinking about the repercussions, people in young age take wrong decision and for that social media can become the source which can be used to do many ill-practices like cyberbullying, addiction of games, gambling etc.
  • More in Virtual World, less in real world – Addiction of social media can make a person even forget about his own existence. Youth now-a-days remain stick to the screens of phone at the cost of missing many wonderful real-time experiences of real world.
  • Self-Image issues – Looking at all social media influencers and lifestyle, youth get easily influenced and they even try to find the easy way to match the same and for that, they take many wrong steps without understanding the difference of virtual world and a real world.
  • less social, more isolated – Although it is called as social media but its one of the negative effect is that it seclude the person from the society and he or she has to face problem with social adaptability.


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