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How to Prepare General Knowledge for CDS 2 2022?

How to Prepare General Knowledge for CDS 2 2022

The “Combined Defense Services” Examination (CDSE) is conducted twice every year by the Union Public Service Commission for the recruitment of candidates into the Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Indian Air Force Academy. Generally it is conducted in the month of February and September.  Candidates who aim to serve the nation by becoming an officer in the defense forces can apply for the CDS examination. In order to apply online for the CDS examination, candidates should meet all the eligibility requirements set by the Commission. The selection of the candidates is based on the written examination followed by an interview for intelligence and personality test. The shortlisted candidates are placed at the respective academies based on the preference and merit.

CDS Marking Scheme

CDS Paper English GK Mathematics
Maximum Marks 100 100 100
Marks for Correct answer +1 marks for each correct option +1 marks for each correct option +1 marks for each correct option
Negative marking -0.33 marks for each wrong answer -0.33 marks for each wrong answer -0.33 marks for each wrong answer


Here in this article we will also try to understand the nature and details of the exam in order to have a focused strategy with the help of pattern it has been following for years. So let’s just first discuss about the Paper pattern and syllabus of the exam.

CDS Exam Pattern

CDSE is divided in three major parts, i.e. General Knowledge , English & Mathematics (which is optional for OTA, so the total marks for OTA is 200.

Subjects Number of Questions Maximum Marks Time Duration
English 120 100 2 Hours
General Knowledge 120 100 2 Hours
Elementary Mathematics 100 100 2 Hours
Total 340 300 6 Hours

On the basis of nature of questions coming for so many years, we have segregated some important topics to cover that are most likely to be there in the exam –

How to Prepare General Knowledge

First of all, let’s see the detailed syllabus of the General Awareness section. The syllabus of the General Awareness Section is very vast so it is very much important to divide each topic separately and prepare accordingly. This will help you give the idea of what you need to prepare and in how much depth you need to prepare for each topic.

General Science

General Science is comparatively easier and the difficulty level of questions is easy to moderate in the examination. It includes

  • Physics
    Current, Electricity, Laws of motion,, optics, Units and measurements, optics, gravitation, energy and power, electromagnetic induction, Thermodynamics, Waves, Work, Kinetic Theory, Light, Bernoulli and Archimedes principle and Heat.
  • Chemistry –
    Matter & its Composition, Atoms, Molecules & Nuclear Chemistry, Elements Classification & Chemical Bonding, Acids, Bases, Salts & Metals, Non – Metals, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
  • Biology –
    Plant and animal cell, Nutrition in plants and animals, Cells, human body, Heredity, Glands and hormones, Control and coordination in human beings, Human reproductive system, Evolution, Blood, Human brain, communicable and non communicable disease, carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle, Different systems of body like circulation, digestive etc.

NCERT Books of class 9th and 10th will suffice for this section. You can solve daily quizzes on the Adda247 app which is more than enough for this section.

Indian Polity

Indian Polity plays a major role in the general knowledge section as it has around 10-15 questions. Questions in the CDS Exam come from:

Constitution of India – Features borrowed from foreign Constitutions , Important Articles , Important Amendments , Fundamental Rights , Legal Rights.

President, Vice President and governeor of India (Executive & Judicial Powers of President , Election of President and VP , Removal (Impeachment) etc)

Judiciary (Supreme court of India( Its power and Area of jurisdiction ) , High Courts of India (Their power and Area of Jurisdiction) , Lokpal and Lokayukt , Lok Adalat , PIL (Public Interest Litigation) , CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal) , E-Courts), Prime Minister and Cabinet, Emergency provisions, Chief Minister, chairman and State council ministers, legislative assembly, Auditor general, UPSC &PSC, Finance Commission and Election commissions, center-state and inter-state relations, Fundamental rights and Duties, Amendments, Preamble, Panchayati raj and municipalities

You should prepare these topics thoroughly and you will definitely score good marks in this section. The best book to prepare these topics is Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth. This is the one-stop solution for all your Polity questions.


The geography syllabus is comparatively fact-based and needs more revision time than others. It includes topics from Physical Geography, Indian Geography, and Environment and Biodiversity. Geography is a subject that needs thorough revision. You need to learn the maps because questions are framed from the places which are in news. To prepare for this part Arihant PathFinder is the best book, you can also refer to class 8th to 10th geography books.

It is next most Important but vary vast topic in CDSE its weightage is 25-30 questions. We have provided Selected topics here –

Ores & Minerals, Oil Mills, Lakes of India, Rivers, Tributaries and their directions, Clouds, Longitude and Latitude, Islands of India, States Comparisons by Population and Area

Physical Geography: It includes the universe, earth, atmosphere, weather, climate, landforms, oceans, etc.

Indian Geography: Topics related to India geography, Industry, Climate, Rivers, Thermal Power Plants, soil, crops, sanctuaries, etc.

Environment & Biodiversity: Questions from an ecosystem, greenhouse effect, Different protocols on climate change, Hotspots, etc would be asked.


Economics is a subject that is very diverse. Everyday facts and figures change. So you need to be updated one day before the exam about all the important changes and the statistical data related to the Indian Economy. Questions asked from this part generally lies between moderate to difficult level. The Economics section is from moderate to difficult level. You should prepare from the recent happenings, economic survey, reforms, appointments, and awards given in this sector, Agricultural revolution, miniratnas, maharatnas, etc. Arihant Pathfinder or Economics given in the Manohar Pandey is enough. Do solve the Previous Year Papers to get an idea about the type of questions being asked.

Characteristic of Indian Economy, Agrarian Economy (merits & drawbacks), Mixed Economy (Industrial policy- private & public co-ordination), Primary, secondary & tertiary sector, Human Development Index, GDP & National Income, Planning commission, Five-year plans & NITI Aayog, Poverty elimination & welfare projects & initiative, State of agriculture, green revolution, Industries – Indian financial institutions & banking system, Union budget – inflation – consumer price index. WTO, OPEC, ILO & APEC.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs is the most important section in the paper as a good amount of questions come from this topic. You should at least prepare the last six months of the Current Affairs from any one source. Adda247 releases the monthly magazine which is a good reference to prepare for Current Affairs. Do read the newspaper regularly and keep yourself updating with the current events happening in and around the world. We will also be releasing the GA Capsule for CDS very soon for your overall preparation of the General Awareness section.

Indian History

History is a very vast subject. It basically has three parts i.e Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern History. The difficulty level of questions from this topic is moderate to difficult. To prepare for this part you have to do a thorough study. Questions are fact-based also so you need to learn the facts as well.
History is the biggest topic having 3 modules Ancient Indian History, Medieval Indian History and Modern Indian History (Struggle for Freedom). In CDS, modern history plays the important part.

Ancient History: Questions from Harappa, Rig Veda, Books, and authors Maurya Empire, Gupta Dynasty, etc. which can be covered with Mock test papers other reference books.

Medieval History: Questions would be asked from the Delhi Sultanate and other Muslim rulers who ruled India and established various monuments.

Modern History: Revolt of 1857, Indian Freedom struggle, Colonial rule in India, Governor Generals of India, Various Movements of Indian Freedom Struggle, etc. Questions would be asked from these topics.

The important topics modern history includes :-

  • Indian national Movement
  • Revolution of 1857
  • Different thinkers and social reforms (like widow remarriage)
  • Indian National Congress and its sessions
  • Different Acts of British Government

First of all, thoroughly read the NCERT History books from class 6th to class 10th. This will give you a basic idea and will help you develop the base. You can also use a reference book i.e. Arihant Pathfinder or Spectrum by Rajiv Ahir for more deep knowledge. Do revise them regularly, otherwise, it will be of no use. After you completed your basic preparation, start solving Previous Year Question Papers. Do not wait for the complete syllabus to get finished. Start solving the PYQs as and when you have finished a particular topic. This will give you an idea about the type of questions being asked in the real examination. Analyze the paper thoroughly, check your weak areas and work on them.

Other than modern History, also study a little about Bhakti Movement, different travelers in different centuries, famous revolutions like French, American revolution and Vietnamese war.

Weightage of GK Topics in CDS 1 2022

As you all know General Knowledge paper consists of 120 questions of 100 marks. It includes topics from Polity, Geography, History, Economics, General Science including Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and the most important Current Affairs.

Topics No. Of Questions
Indian Polity 21
Indian History 13
Indian Economy 6
Geography 22
General Science 30
Environment 3
Science & Tech 3
Art & Culture 3
Current Affairs 19
Total 120

CDS 2 2022 GK Previous Year Analysis

Below is the table provided of the previous year questions from various GK Topics.

Year General Science Indian Polity Geography History Economics Current Affairs Defence Specific
CDS 1 2018 38 14 15 20 19 20 4
CDS 2 2018 40 15 17 23 4 27 6
CDS 1 2019 27 13 17 18 14 20 11
CDS 2 2019 33 19 21 17 11 18 1
CDS 1 2020 27 16 21 15 17 15 9
CDS 2 2020 32 18 22 22 9 16 1
CDS 1 2021 29 18 23 22 17 17 7
CDS 2 2021 29 18 19 21 8 19 3
CDS 1 2022 31 17 22 21 9 17 3


From Where to Study?

    You can practice test papers which is available on the website of adda 247. This Book is updated as per the latest examination pattern and is suitable for UPSC CDS Exam.

    The aim of this Book is to help students learn and understand the new pattern of recruitment exams which will help them to maximise their scores in the competitive examination. The Book has been prepared by experienced faculties, subject-matter experts and with the expertise of Adda247 keeping the new pattern and challenges of competitive exams in mind.

How to Prepare General Knowledge for CDS 2 2022?_3.1

2. UPSC CDS 2022 Complete eBooks E-Kit

UPSC CDS ( IMA ,INA  & AFA) Previous Year and UPSC CDS(OTA) Previous Year eBooks for UPSC CDS Exams. The eBook is updated as per the latest examination pattern and is suitable for UPSC CDS Exams.

These eBook are useful to crack the UPSC CDS Exam. we’ve brought access to all the latest updates and study material at your fingertips. These eBooks are useful to crack the UPSC CDS Exam.

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3. UPSC CDS II 2022 (OTA ) Online Live Classes | Complete Bilingual Batch By Adda247

This Complete course is designed for all those aspirants who are weak in English , General Knowledge And unable to score better marks in any section. Its contents will clear the basic concepts of All Subjects, helping students of any standard or background to understand any question in a better way, thereby helping in score more. This  batch will cover the complete CDS ( OTA) Exam.. This batch provides practice questions along with latest pattern questions and basic concepts so that you can relate to exams.

How to Prepare General Knowledge for CDS 2 2022?_5.1

4. UPSC CDS II 2022 (IMA INA AFA) Online Test Series By Adda247

Adda247 offers UPSC CDS II 2022 ( IMA ,INA & OTA) Test Series which are designed and conducted in the same way as of the actual examination. It helps the students analyze their strengths and weaknesses so that the same can be worked upon before the actual examination.

These Comprehensive Test Series will examine the knowledge of the aspirants and prepare them to develop the right attitude for them through a wide variety of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) over the course of the Test Series. These test series, through practice, help the aspirants reduce the rate of errors committed during the UPSC CDS II 2022 Examination.

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