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How To Become A Garud Commando 2022?

How To Become a Garud Commando 2022?

Indian armed forces are the power of this nation as they ensure the security and safety of its citizens from every possible danger whether it be external or internal. All the forces have sub-branches which are known for their specialised way of functioning under specific circumstances.

Especially all three services of armed forces, the Army, Air Force and Navy have their own special forces which are established to come into action in a specific emergency situation which can probably be a danger to the nation. Indian Army has PARA, Navy has MARCOS and Indian Air Force has its own special force with the name, GARUD. These elite forces are trained specifically to fight terror attacks in the territory of the country. Due to their specialised skills to combat under difficult situations, they are called Special Forces. Serving personnel are recruited from, all three forces and after giving them special training, they become commandos. In this article, we will tell you how a person becomes a GARUD commando of the Indian Air Force.

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The Garud Commando Force is the special elite forces unit of the Indian Air Force. It was formed in 2003 and has a strength of 1000-1500 personnel. They are trained in New Delhi.

Its main purpose is to protect vital squadrons and aircraft of IAF across the world, presently this special unit is deployed in Congo peacekeeping operations. Other functions include Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), Counter Insurgency Operations, and Emergency Response to terrorist activities involving airfields. They are generally trained with paratroopers of the Indian army.

The name Garuda has great significance in Hindu Mythology. It is actually a sacred bird-like creature. In September 2003, the Government of India authorized a force of 1080 Special Operations Airmen. The new Commando of the Indian Air Force, The Garuds, was established on February 6, 2000. The group was originally called “Tiger Force”, but was later renamed as “Garud Force”.

Garud commando force is known as the latest special unit force possibly observed on 6 February 2004 as they were first unveiled when the first batch of 62 “Air Commandos” passed out of training in New Delhi. The Garuds were first seen publicly during the Air Force Day celebrations at New Delhi on 8 October 2004. The decision of raising a new force with a strength of 1080 Special Operation Airmen was taken in 2003 after realising the need of having their own special unit by the Indian Air force and not to rely solely on the Special Forces of Army in any emergency situation. It aims at pacifying and tackling an emergency situation of terror threats and responding to it. Along with this search and rescue, combat, and handling counter insurgencies are the operations executed by them.

In order to get selected as a GARUD, a person needs to go through two processes which is based on the type of post. For non-commissioned posts, candidates go through the airmen selection process and for the commissioned post, they go through ground duty trainees of GDOC.

  • Non-Commissioned Post – The selection for GARUD is done directly through Airmen Section Centres. First the Recruitment notification or advertisement is released. The maximum age limit for these posts is 23 years old. After getting selection in this, the candidate has to go through rigorous training and only after completion of the same with good grades, You become the part of Special Operation Force of the Indian Air Force. After joining the force, one keeps in this stream until he serves in the Indian Air force.
  • Commissioned Posts – Candidates are selected in Commissioned posts for GARUD units by the cadets of ground duty at Air force Academy, Dundigal. And for GDOC, the Candidate needs to crack the AFCAT exam. The maximum age for these posts is 26 years old. After getting proper training, one becomes a part of the GARUD unit.

Since its a special force which needs to operate in emergency and dangerous situations so they are trained likewise They get rigorous training, first phase of training takes place at GARUD regiment training centre, Hindan and the Next phase of training is provided by special group members from the Army, NSG, Paramilitary force and Special Frontier force altogether. Other than this, they are also trained at parachute training school, diving school of the Navy and jungle warfare school of the Army. And for the last phase, they get training from Special Forces units of the Army.

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