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How to Avoid Sleep While Studying

How to Avoid Sleep While Studying

No matter in which phase you are, but if you are a student, you must have been advised a lot to have a proper time table and to have a fixed amount of sleep. But most of the aspirants find it a hurdle which makes it difficult for them to achieve their goal. If you are also struggling with your sleep pattern and excessive amount of sleep.

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Tips on How to Avoid Sleep While Studying

We have written this article exclusively for you. Follow the steps below to have the optimum amount of sleep in your crucial time of preparation –

1. Follow a Fixed Sleep Pattern

If you are sleeping for a good time of 6 to 7 hours that is more than enough. Being a student try to have your dinner around 7 and try to sleep around 9, so that you could wake up early morning to take out some time to study or do some healthy exercise. It also keeps you away from fatigueness. According to science, body repairs and regenerates cells during sleep which makes you feel energized and refreshed after waking up. Not just this, it also helps you to have the productivity by increasing your attention span while studying.

2. Proper Nutrients Intake

Having a balanced diet is important because there is no way you can continue with the studies if you don’t eat healthy and enough. Messing with the diet can be costly as it can make you feel sleepy all the time and you are not able to even sleep on time as per the schedule. So try to have a diet full of nutrients like Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B (B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12), Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Also avoid junk food as much as possible. Small meals are also good to go.

3. Stay Stress-Free

This is a problem of many as students tend to feel stressed during exams. Though it shows seriousness but it can be problematic too. Nobody can do anything about the results but you can certainly do something about your preparration. Try not to take unnecessary stress. Be it exams, personal life or anything. Your mind needs to be relaxed as it can also make you to sleep more and more due to stress and you can lose the most valuable thing in a student life which is Time.

4. Be Medically Fit

Excessive Sleep can be the reason of some disease like Sleep apnea or other, which you are not aware of. So try to diagnose the problem by having proper medical examination so that you could begin with the proper treatment to resolve the issue on time and it doesn’t become an obstacle in your preparation.

5. Reduce Caffeine Intake

If you are a coffee lover and you tend to have it to keep it awake. Try to reduce the intake from today as Caffeinated drinks might give you a temporary spike in energy level But too much caffeine can also become the cause of sleeplessness. According to a research, it can increase night time sleeplessness, decrease total sleep time and can lead to more daytime sleepiness.

6. Stay Hydrated

As per the research, dehydration can cause low energy levels and inability to focus. It disturbs the sleep cycle and can make you fell sleepy all day. So to avoid this try to have a check on how much liquid diet you are having. Keep yourself hydrated and active.

7. Avoid Lethargic Lifestyle

Your life must be having other things too other than study to make you feel active and lively. The best is to include some sort of exercise, yoga or meditation in your routine. It will help you to keep yourself active, enthusiastic and focused. Studies have proved that regular exercise can improve symptoms of fatigue.

8. Switch to Active Methods to Study

You should also work on the way of your learning. As monotony also makes you feel bored which can cause laziness. So to break that monotony try to use these methods to make the process interesting for you and can keep the sleep away –

  • Try to teach, what you have studied. It will help you to revise, also keep you active. friends or classmates. Choose a friend who can make the session more interesting.
  • Make your own notes. It is an interesting activity and also helps you to give a better understanding. Be creative, Use  diagrams and charts.
  • Learn the concept with the help of videos available on internet. As visual representation keeps you engaged and give better clarity of the topic.
  • Test yourself by giving mock tests. Not only it will give you the confidence for the exam but also you will find it interesting and useful.

10. Refresh yourself

Whenever you feel like sleeping, try to take a break, walk a little, take a little break, Wash your face and then continue. It will make you feel relaxed, refreshed and awake. If you prefer studying online, then don’t forget to look away from the screen after every 20-30 minutes to avoid fatigue. If you feel like having a coffee or too, go for it. Remember it should not be more than 600 mg of coffee a day.

So, with all these methods you can actually get rid of this habit of sleepiness while studying. Also it will help you to keep yourself, active and focused and certainly you are gonna ace the exam with all these changes in your lifestyle.

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