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How Many Attempts are Allowed for AFCAT Exam?

The first step toward pursuing your dream is to know about it at first place ,a thorough research accompanied by a robust strategy often brings success a bit closer ,in this article i will try to quench your query regarding How many attempts are allowed for AFCAT?

Before answering the question i want you to know that there are different criterion of  eligibility in different branches , AFCAT exam is conducted for induction into following branches of service

1. Flying Branch: 20-24 years

2. Ground Duty ( technical ): 20 -26 years

3 Ground Duty (non technical ): 20-26 years

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One more thing to consider here is AFCAT exam is conducted twice a Year and the only deciding factore for taking the exam is your age ,if  your age comes under the range given in the notification then you are entitled for appearing in the AFCAT exam. also  you must have done your graduation with  minimum 60 percent marks .

The flying branch inducts a person under 24 years ,since the process from commencement of exam to final selection is a year long which means once you cross 23 ,your attempt is futile so from 20 to 23 years you have total 6 attempts to prove your worth.

The technical and non- technical ground duty branch recruits candidates upto the age of 26 ,so you can give exam upto 25 years ,which means from 20 to 25 you have total 10 attempts to get your dream job.

looking at the answer it might be clear to you that there is no dearth of attempts if you are determined enough ,so get started , Time is Ticking !

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