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Dr Payal Chhabra, 1st Woman Army Surgeon To Join Para Commando 

First Woman Army Surgeon To Join Para Commando: Dr. Payal Chhabra

Major Dr. Payal Chhabra, a surgeon from Jind district in Haryana, achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first female surgeon to be inducted into the esteemed Para Special Forces of the Indian Army. In a ceremony held at the Paratroopers Training School in Agra, she was proudly presented with the prestigious Maroon Beret. Dr. Rajender Chhabra, her father, expressed immense pride and admiration for his daughter’s extraordinary achievement, highlighting her exceptional journey of successfully completing the trained para probation while fulfilling her duties as a doctor in the armed forces.

  • Dr. Payal Chhabra, a proficient medical professional, started on her path towards the military at an early age. Her desire to serve the nation led her to pursue a career in medicine and later join the armed forces.
  • After completing her medical education, Dr. Chhabra exhibited a passion to serve her country on the frontlines.
  • The Para Commando forces, known for their unparalleled courage and skill, are an elite unit within the Indian Army.
  • The decision to become a Para Commando reflects Dr. Chhabra’s determination to excel in her chosen field, breaking the gender barriers that had previously confined such roles predominantly to men.

Dr. Payal Chhabra’s achievement is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring women who aspire to break societal norms and enter male-dominated domains. Her story highlights the importance of perseverance, determination, and the will to break barriers that have stood in the way of women achieving their dreams and ambitions.

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Who is the first Woman Army Surgeon To Become Para Commando?

The first Woman Army Surgeon To Become Para Commando is Dr. Payal Chhabra.

To which place Dr. Payal Chhabra belongs to?

Dr. Payal Chhabra belongs to Jind district in Haryana.

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