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Who is Defence Secretary of India: Role & Responsibility

Defence Secretary of India

The Defence Secretary is the administrative head of the Ministry of Defence. This post is held by a senior Indian Administrative Service of the rank of secretary to the Government of India. The current Defence Secretary is Shri. Giridhar Aramane, I.A.S.

As a secretary to the Government of India, the Defence Secretary ranks 23rd on Indian order of precedence, along with all other Secretaries to the Government of India, and Lieutenant Generals in the grade of Army Commander.

Role of Defence Secretary of India

The role of Defence Secretary of India is as follows:

To act as the administrative head of the Ministry of Defence. The responsibility in Defence Secretary of India regard is complete and undivided.

To act as the chief adviser to the Defence Minister on all aspects of policy and administrative affairs.

To represent the Ministry of Defence before the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament of India.

Defence Secretary of India: Giridhar Aramane

On November 1, 2022, Shri Giridhar Aramane, an IAS officer belonging to the Andhra Pradesh cadre, officially took over as the Defence Secretary. Prior to assuming his new role, Shri Aramane paid his respects to the fallen heroes by laying a wreath at the National War Memorial in New Delhi. This gesture was a tribute to the courageous individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending the nation. In a show of reverence, Shri Aramane expressed his admiration for these brave hearts and acknowledged their selfless dedication to protecting the country. 

With a remarkable experience spanning 32 years in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Mr. Giridhar Aramane has served in several significant roles within both the Central Government and the government of Andhra Pradesh. According to a statement by the Defence Ministry, Mr. Aramane has held various important portfolios throughout his career. Before assuming his current position as Defence Secretary, he served as the Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. This demonstrates his expertise and diverse range of responsibilities in different sectors of governance.

Before his current role, Mr. Giridhar Aramane held the position of Additional Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat. He has also served in various capacities within the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, including overseeing the Exploration Division. Additionally, he served as the Executive Director responsible for inspections at the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.

In the government of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Aramane held the position of Principal Secretary in the Urban Development Department. He also served as the Managing Director of the AP State Finance Corporation and held the post of Secretary in the Finance Department. Furthermore, he has experience as a Collector and District Magistrate in Chittoor and Khammam districts. These diverse roles demonstrate his extensive administrative expertise in both the central and state governments.

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