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Defence Officer Wahida- NCERT Class 4

Defence Officer Wahida

The tale of Defence Officer Wahida unfolds as a captivating narrative, shedding light on the profound role of the Defence services in upholding the security of our nation. Lt. Cdr. Wahida Prism’s perspective provides readers with a deep understanding of the experiences and emotions embedded in serving in the Indian Army. Summarizing the journey of Defence Officer Wahida offers valuable insights and lessons for students, encouraging them to reflect on whether a career in the Defence services aligns with their aspirations. Lt. Cdr. Wahida Prism’s story serves as a window into the honorable yet challenging profession of safeguarding the country, sparking inspiration for individuals to contemplate a career path dedicated to the noble cause of serving their nation.

Defence Officer Wahida Introduction

Wahida, a resident of the small village Thannamandi in the Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir, had a strong determination to achieve something remarkable in her life. Despite societal norms that discouraged girls from pursuing higher education, she was eager to continue her studies after completing her schooling at a government school. However, her aspirations faced numerous challenges, and her family had to face difficulties due to the prevailing mindset in the society. Consequently, they were compelled to leave their village and seek refuge in her grandmother’s house in Rajouri.

Wahida’s journey began with a profound sense of duty towards her country. Armed with determination and an unwavering commitment to service, she chose on the challenging path to becoming a Defence Officer. Her journey is a testament to breaking gender stereotypes and proving that dedication knows no gender.

How did Defence Officer Wahida become a Doctor and join the Navy

Since her early years, Wahida had a strong desire to do something different in life. She stood out from her peers due to her unique fascination with riding motorcycles. Even in school, she earned the nickname “Girl Guide” for her adventurous spirit, participating in camps and mountain climbing.

  • Wahida is one of three sisters, and her father had specific career aspirations for each of them.
  • Despite the expectations, Wahida pursued her passion and completed her M.B.B.S degree from Jammu Medical College.
  • Inspired by officers in her village, Wahida developed a strong desire to join the Defence Forces.
  • Her dream became closer to reality when she interviewed for a position as a doctor in the Navy and successfully got selected.
  • In the Navy, she serves as a doctor in the ‘First Aid’ team on a ship, ready to provide medical support to her fellow servicemen and women.

Wahida Leading the Parade

Wahida Prism made history by becoming the first Indian woman to lead the parade. In the parade, the leader is at the front, and there are four groups marching behind, called platoons.

  • A total of 36 commands need to be given during the parade.
  • The person leading, known as the commander, must have a loud voice so that everyone in the crowd, even those far away or on the other side of the ground, can hear.
  • To get ready for the parade, Wahida practiced every morning and evening for a whole month.

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