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Corona Virus Essay, Life Lessons that Corona Virus Taught Us

Corona Virus Essay

1. Technology Saved Us

Whether it be staying home 24/7 or attending virtual school, we were able to carry on our normal life without getting out of the house is due tot technology. whatever we had to suffer in the lockdown would have had effected us multifold, if technology would not be there. People who were not near to their families were able to see them through video calls, messages and through social media apps.

We as a society were able to handle the situation due to technology as we were connected, we were sharing information which was required to be conveyed in those non-favorable times. There were option to get things at your doorstep without going out with some terms and conditions. People were taking initiative to help each other as there were many who were in the dire need of help and they were able to approach for the help due to uses of social media and advanced technology. Even the vaccination process from manufacturing to getting a jab, was able to succeed due to the help of technology and its components.

2. Every Little Thing is Important

Earlier people were living a very monotonous life, a self made busy life in which they were not able to focus on what is really important and all the little things in the life which are very valuable and play a very important part in the lives. People who had given a lot much importance to their professional lives, were able to sit with their families under a floor and lived the moments which actually matter. People got to know how privileged they were when they were not able to access to certain things which were so easy to get, be it their favorite street food or their maid who used to cook delicious food daily. People could understand the importance of each and everything. After realizing the importance of every little thing we are actually more serious about the things which we experience daily.

3. Hope is Everything

Unprecedented experience of deadly virus actually made the whole world to depend on only one thing and that was hope. People were losing their near and dear ones in front of their eyes and they were not able to do anything no matter how powerful or affluent they were. There is something which was not in the hands of anyone, about which nothing couod be done. The only thing that was important at that time was hope and faith. People were trying to be positive and they were trying to give moral support to each other to fight this uncertain battle. People understood the importance of life and human connections on which every thing depends. With love, harmony and support world was able to finally come out of something which was  so dangerous and scary.

The harsh reality is that life will throw us curve balls when we least expect them. A pandemic was one of them. People were faced with fears of contracting this unknown virus, of hospitalizations and of losing loved ones. People were thrown into the depths of boredom, frustration and loneliness during the times of lockdown.

Instead of sulking in the negatives, the situation eventually taught people to view life through a positive lens. People understood how important is is to value things which are with them as we never know what’s next. staying grateful is the biggest lesson of the corona period.

4. Kindness Win in Every Situation

The pandemic stirred a lot of anger and frustration from within the nation, especially in terms of politics and mask mandates. There is nothing more to the world than a good behavior and a helping hand. During corona, people got help form strangers, which made everyone understand the importance of humanity. Even the smallest act of kindness is powerful enough to make someone to win over something as deadly as coronavirus. The sense of having someone is much more effective than anything. Coronavirus taught people to stay kind and considerate even during the good times.

These small acts may seem trivial, but genuine kindness spreads from one person to another.

5. Life is Valuable

We understood the importance of life and how uncertain it is. No matter what you are , who you are , you might leave the world anytime and due to any reason. What we have, life has various dimensions attached with it, which we need to respect. Taking care of our mind and body is our foremost responsibility and also we should learn how we need to live this life to the fullest so that we could also reflect its positivity in the lives of other people too. Being alive is a sheer privilege which needs to be acknowledged and respected.

Complaining about the unimportant nuances in life is totally futile. One should rather focus on blessings and be grateful about every aspect of life. Keeping the negativity away is the responsibility towards oneself. Materialistic things need to be given less importance than the things which actually matter like emotions, people, bond and connections. More you are thankful, more you are contended in your life.


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