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Combined Graduate Parade at Air Force Academy 2024

The Combined Graduate Parade of 235 Flight Cadets was conducted on 15th June 2024 at Air Force Academy, Dundigal, Telangana in which Flight cadets were commissioned as Flying Officers in the Indian Air Force (IAF). Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari, Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), oversaw the Combined Graduation Parade (CGP) at the Air Force Academy (AFA). He referred the officers as the custodians of the rich legacy of Valor, Sacrifice and Dedication. The CGP also included the award of aviator’s wings to 9 officers of the Indian Navy, 9 of the Indian Coast Guard and 1 of a friendly foreign country. This is also the first CGP where 25 cadets who joined the National Defence Academy 4 years ago for Ground Duty branches, were commissioned as officers. 

The Parade Commenced with Akash Ganga Sky Diving Team showcasing Parachute Display. The Parade took Place in Tejas Ground showcasing Hindustan Piston trainer Aircraft 32, Mi -25, Jaguar, Indra Mark II Radar, Kiran Mark II, Mi- 8, Mig-27, Pechora Missile followed by the Drill with the Thrill.

Air Chief Marshal quoted the Thought by Field Marshal William Joseph Slim, “Traditions far from being handcuffs to cramp your action will be a handrail to guide you and study you in rough places”

Key Insights of the Combined Graduation Parade (CGP) at Air Force Academy, Dundigal – 15th June 2024

  • Location: Air Force Academy (AFA), Dundigal
  • Purpose: Marked the graduation of 235 flight cadets from flying and ground duty branches of the Indian Air Force (IAF).
  • Chief Guest: Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari, Chief of the Air Staff (CAS).
  • Ceremony Highlights:
    • Commissioning: Flight cadets received Presidents’ Commission from CAS.
    • Gender Inclusion: 22 women officers commissioned across various IAF branches.
    • International Participation: Officers from Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, and foreign countries awarded ‘Wings’.
    • NDA Graduates: 25 cadets from National Defence Academy commissioned into Ground Duty branches.
    • Special Awards: Flying Officer Happy Singh received President’s Plaque and Sword of Honour.
    • Key Advice to Officers by the IAF chief
      • Encouraged upskilling and adaptation to modern warfare tactics.
      • Emphasized IAF core values: Mission, Integrity, Excellence.
      • Urged focus on ‘People First, Mission Always’ for leadership and teamwork.
      • Advised to develop the Reading Habit. He said ” The Better you Read, The Better you understand the complexity of your field,  a well read mind is capable of adapting and leading with clarity in the face of unknown.
  • Conclusion: Parade concluded with aerobatic displays and officers marching-out to ‘Anandaloke’ by Rabindranath Tagore.
Air Chief Marshal emphasized on the Modern Warfare. He said that “Modern Warfare is a dynamic and ever evolving landscape , it is no longer solely physical domain. It is increasingly influenced by data networks, and advanced cyber technology. He asked the officer to adapt to technology of Modern Warfare War as today’s conflicts can not be fought with yesterday’s mindset.” Professionalism, Aggressiveness and Initiative are the most admired quality in leader, A leader is a thinker, skilled in other areas as well.

The Trophy winners of Combined Graduate Parade Spring Term 2024 are:-

1. President’s Plaque and Sword of Honour 213 Pilot’s course- Fg Offr Happy Singh
2. President’s Plaque in Ground Duty Officers Course – Fg Offr Taufeeq Raza
3. President’s Plaque in Navigation Branch – Fg Offr Lalit Gautam
4. Chief of Air Staff Trophy in Flying Branch – Fg Offr Aneesh Kulkarni
5. Chief of Air Staff Trophy in Administration Branch – Fg Offr Taufeeq Raza
6. Chief of Air Staff Trophy in Logistics Branch – Fg Offr Kamarti Vishnu
7. Chief of Air Staff Trophy in Accounts Branch – Fg Offr Manvi
8. Chief of Air Staff Trophy in Education Branch – Fg Offr Nandni Sorout
9. Chief of Air Staff Trophy in Meteorology Branch – Fg Offr Modale Shripriya Shrikant


The parade concluded with a scintillating flying display by the Pilatus, Sukhoi Su-30 MKI, the Sarang Helicopter Display Team and the Suryakiran Aerobatics Team. Congratulations were extended to all the achievers, emphasizing the IAF’s motto of ‘Touch The Sky With Glory’.




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