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CDS-1 2024 (IMA, INA, AFA) Complete Foundation Batch

CDS-1 2024 (IMA, INA, AFA) Complete Foundation Batch

For those aspiring to serve the nation and wear the esteemed uniform in the defence sector, there’s excellent news. DefenceAdda introduces the CDS-1 2024 (IMA, INA, AFA) Complete Foundation Batch, tailor-made for defence enthusiasts. This all-inclusive online course is meticulously crafted to offer a structured and engaging learning journey, all at a budget-friendly price of only ₹1,999.75. Centered around Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge, this specialized program is aimed at equipping students with the essential knowledge and competencies necessary to conquer the highly sought-after Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS).

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Subjects Covered under Foundation Batch:

The CDS-1 2024 Foundation Batch leaves no stone unturned in preparing candidates for success. The course covers three fundamental subjects:

  1. Mathematics: This section focuses on strengthening candidates’ quantitative aptitude, covering topics from basic arithmetic to advanced algebra and geometry.
  2. English: The English classes aim to enhance candidates’ language proficiency, covering grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills.
  3. General Knowledge: In this segment, candidates will gain in-depth knowledge of current affairs, history, geography, science, and other essential topics that frequently appear in the CDS examination.

Salient Features of Foundation Batch

  1. Expert Faculties: The course is taught by seasoned faculties with extensive experience in training defence aspirants. Their expertise ensures comprehensive coverage of topics and helps candidates grasp complex concepts with ease.
  2. Interactive Classes: The live classes enable direct interaction with the faculties, allowing candidates to ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage in discussions, fostering a deeper understanding of the subjects.
  3. Recorded Videos: For candidates who miss the live classes, recorded video lectures are available for revision and self-paced learning.
  4. Limited Batch Size: To provide personalized attention and effective learning, the batch size is limited. This ensures that every candidate receives ample guidance and support throughout their preparation journey.
  5. Practice Sets and Mock Tests: With over 100 practice sets and four full-length mock tests, candidates get ample opportunities to assess their progress and identify areas that need improvement.
  6. Counseling Sessions: Expert faculties conduct counseling sessions to offer personalized guidance, addressing individual strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Special Focus on NCERTs: NCERT textbooks hold great importance in competitive exams, and this course emphasizes a thorough understanding of NCERT content, preparing candidates to excel in both objective and descriptive sections.

The CDS-1 2024 (IMA, INA, AFA) Complete Foundation Batch by Adda 247 is an ideal platform for aspiring defence personnel to kickstart their journey towards success. With expert faculties, interactive live classes, comprehensive study materials, and rigorous practice sessions, candidates can develop the necessary skills and knowledge to crack the CDS examination. The affordability and convenience of online learning make it accessible to candidates from all corners of the country. Embrace this opportunity, join the Foundation Batch, and take a step closer to turning your dreams of serving the nation into reality. Enrol now, and embark on a fulfilling and challenging career in the Indian Armed Forces!

CDS-1 2024 (IMA, INA, AFA) Complete Foundation Batch


What is the CDS-1 2024 (IMA, INA, AFA) Complete Foundation Batch?

The CDS-1 2024 (IMA, INA, AFA) Complete Foundation Batch is an online course offered by DefenceAdda in collaboration with Adda 247. It is designed to prepare defence aspirants for the Combined Defence Services (CDS) examination and covers subjects like Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge.

What are the subjects covered in the course?

The course covers three fundamental subjects: Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge. These subjects are essential for cracking the CDS examination.

What are the salient features of the CDS-1 2024 Foundation Batch?

The salient features of the course include expert faculties, interactive live classes, recorded video lectures, limited batch size for personalized attention, 100+ practice sets, four full-length mock tests, counseling sessions, and a special focus on NCERTs.

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