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What are the career opportunities AFCAT Exam offers?

Many young candidates wish to serve the nation by joining the Indian Air Force. Aspirants should know about the career opportunity the Indian Air Force offers. Many of the defence aspirants thinks that Indian Air Force only hires for becoming pilot in the IAF but that is not the case. There are many other branches in the IAF where a officers hold the position of authority. To recruit those Officers, AFCAT exam is conducted twice a year and lakhs of students compete for hundreds of position. Through AFCAT, A candidate from every stream gets an opportunity to serve the nation, by joining the branch of his/her choice.

While filling the application form of AFCAT, Candidates are asked to fill the preference of branches they would like to join after getting recommended. An Aspirant has to qualify the written test with good score to be invited for the AFSB ( Air Force Selection Board) Interview. He/She has to choose the Air Force Selection Board of his/her choice and date. To join the Air Force, a candidate has to get recommend from any of the selection board and pass the medical test.

What Branches of IAF are available through AFCAT?

Indian Air Force has divided the various sub branches into the three main branches as follows:-

  • Flying Branch
  • Ground Duty Technical
  • Ground Duty Non Technical

Lets discuss every branch in detail to make it easier for you to decide on which branch you should chose.

Flying Branch

Flying Branch is the number one priority of many students but it is limited to only those candidates who meets the established Physical Standard of IAF. By joining this branch, you will get to fly the top and most advanced Aircrafts available in the Indian Air Force like Su-30mki, Rafale, C-17 Globemaster and others

Do Officers get to choose the Aircraft they have to fly?

What kind of Aircraft you will be flying will be decided by the qualities and capabilities you show in the forces.

There are three types of aircrafts in IAF

1- Fighter :- Used at the time of critical operations and wars. When not in Wars and operations, they are used in Military exercises and training purposes.

2- Helicopters:- Used in the times of disaster and rescue operations.

3- Transport:- Used in supply and transport of Men and Material in the time of emergency and diplomatic affairs.

Ground Duty Technical Branches

The Technical Branch is responsible for maintenance, repair, and efficient running of all aircraft and their equipment in the IAF. Engineers in this branch work on aviation technology, electronics, and mechanical systems. Mechanical and Electronics branches are open  for candidates having a degree in engineering field.

  • Mechanical Branch- They manage technical teams responsible for ensuring aircraft are in optimal condition for missions. Officers may also be involved in the procurement and inspection of mechanical equipment and parts.
  • Electronics Branch- They oversee the installation, maintenance, and repair of electronic components in aircraft, radar systems, communication systems, and other equipment. They collaborate with technical teams to ensure the proper functioning of electronic systems during missions.

Ground Duty Non Technical Branches

Under this branch, Administrative and Accounting work takes place, taking care of the salary and emoluments of the officers in the Indian air force.

IAF recruits Officers in following:-

Weapon System Branch- Officers will deal with handling and procurement of operations in four specialized streams of Surface-to-Surface missiles, Surface-to-Air missiles, Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Weapon System Operators in twin/multi-crew aircraft. 

Meteorology Branch- On joining the Meteorology Branch, officers have to give precise weather updates for flights. They help plan missions, making sure they’re safe and successful. Their tasks involve understanding weather patterns, predicting conditions, and guiding aircrews on the best routes.

Accounting Branch- Officers in the accounting branch are responsible for deals with the financial management of the funds. They have to make salary and emoluments of all the employees in IAF.

Logistics Branch- you will responsible for managing all the material and resources of the Indian Air Force

Education Branch– For joining education branch, a post graduation degree is necessary. They have to teach and instruct the cadets. Officers in this branch take care of the Exam conducted by the IAF

How is the life in Indian Air Force?

Life in the Indian Air Force is full of adventures and opportunity. By joining the forces, your personality develop holistically unlike in the civilian world. You will enjoy the benefits of social life, would live with the life full of dignity and respect.

  • Joining the Air Force as an officer means getting top-notch training to become a leader in real-life situations.
  • You’ll learn teamwork, communication, confidence, strategic thinking, and handling pressure.
  • The Air Force transforms young recruits into leaders, emphasizing character and moral strength.
  • Officers in the Indian Air Force inherit rich traditions and cutting-edge technology, while leading and strategizing.



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