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What is the Capital of Assam?

Capital of Assam

Capital of Assam: Home to the world’s largest river island Majuli, Assam is a beautiful northeastern state of the Republic of India. Assam is a state renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and diverse wildlife. As the largest state in the region, Assam holds many treasures within its borders, and at the heart of it, all lies its capital city – Dispur.

Dispur, the administrative capital of Assam, is situated in the Kamrup Metropolitan district. It serves as the seat of the Government of Assam and houses various important government offices. While Dispur may not be as widely recognized as some of the largest Indian cities, it holds immense significance in the socio-political landscape of Assam.

Assam Capital

Dispur is the region in the city of Guwahati where the Assam Legislative Assembly and the Assam Secretariat is located. Earlier the capital of Assam was Shillong and after Meghalaya attained statehood and Shillong became the capital of Meghalaya, it was decided that a new capital complex for Assam will be built in the Dispur area of Guwahati hence Dispur was declared as the Capital of Assam.

Capital of Assam: Dispur

About 10 km away from Guwahati, the suburb of Dispur thrives which is allegedly the Capital of Assam. Enriched in flora and fauna and adorned with beautiful weather throughout the year, Dispur is a traveller’s delight, The Sualkuchi weavers’ village is the main attraction, which is well known for intricately woven Mekhela chadors.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Dispur is the famous Ganeshguri Flyover. This elevated road not only eases traffic congestion but also offers panoramic views of the cityscape. The flyover has become a popular spot for photography enthusiasts and a symbol of Dispur’s modern infrastructure.

Dispur is also renowned for its cultural heritage. The city hosts various cultural events and festivals that showcase the vibrant traditions and customs of Assam. The Bihu festival, celebrated with great fervour, is a prime example of the cultural vibrancy that Dispur embodies. During this festival, locals engage in lively dance performances and showcase traditional Assamese music and art forms.

This rustic village is visited by many migratory birds during winter. Prominent landmarks in Dispur include the Assam Assembly House and the Assam Secretariat, which are stately buildings. There is also The pilgrimage point of Bashistha Ashram, which lies on the confluence of the Kanta, Sandhya and Lalita rivers.

The tea auction markets of Dispur are renowned all over the Northeast. Also, the festivities of Bihu, which sees a grand celebration is a cultural epitome. The Kamakhya Temple and the Navagraha Temple are not very far from here. As the gateway to the mesmerizing landscapes of Assam, Dispur offers easy access to some of the region’s most spectacular attractions. From the picturesque hills of Shillong to the famous Kaziranga National Park, known for its one-horned rhinoceros, Dispur serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the natural wonders of Assam.

Capital of Assam Guwahati?

It is normal to get puzzled when it comes to the Capital of Assam as Dispur which is technically the Capital of Assam is just a suburb of the city of Guwahati. Guwahati, on the other hand, holds immense significance in the context of Assam. Known as the “Gateway to the Northeast,” it is a bustling city that serves as the main entry point for travellers venturing into the region. With its well-connected transportation networks, including an international airport and major railway stations, Guwahati welcomes visitors from all over the country and beyond.

The city of Guwahati is situated on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River, surrounded by lush green hills and picturesque landscapes. It is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and is home to numerous ancient temples, historical sites, and archaeological treasures. The famous Kamakhya Temple, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kamakhya, attracts devotees and tourists from far and wide. It also has the smallest river island in the world, Umananda which is famous for its rare golden Langoors. It is also famous by the name of Gateway to Northeast India.

One of the key attractions of Guwahati is the world-renowned Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located just a few hours’ drive from the city, this wildlife sanctuary is famous for its population of the endangered one-horned rhinoceros. Tourists can embark on thrilling jeep safaris or elephant rides to witness the rich biodiversity and captivating landscapes of this national park.

Guwahati also serves as a base for exploring the enchanting hill stations of Meghalaya, such as Shillong and Cherrapunji, known for their scenic beauty and pleasant weather. Additionally, the city offers easy access to other popular destinations in the Northeast, including the picturesque tea gardens of Assam, the scenic landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh, and the serene monasteries of Sikkim.

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Which is the largest city of Assam?

Guwahati is the largest city of Assam.

Is Guwahati the capital of Assam?

Dispur, a locality of Guwahati, became the capital of Assam in 1973.

Who is the CM of Assam?

Sri Himanta Biswa Sarma is the 15th Chief Minister of Assam. 

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