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Can I clear AFCAT Without Math? Know Everything

Candidates who didn’t had Math in 10+2 or in graduation often fears Math section in defence exams. Are you one of those candidates who is anxious of Math and feel underconfident when you cannot score good marks in exams because of Math. Then, AFCAT is a good option to consider that let you enter the prestigious Indian Air Force.

AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) is conducted by the Indian Air force for the recruitment of Young Officers in Various branches of the Indian Air Force. AFCAT is an objective type exam that is conducted online twice a year. A total of 100 questions are asked from four different sections of Math, Reasoning & Military Aptitude, English and General Awareness.

What is the minimum score required to clear AFCAT?

On analysis of Previous years cutoff, we arrived at a conclusion that the cut off for AFCAT generally ranges between 130- 160 marks. Cut off of a paper depends upon the difficulty level of all shifts and number of candidates giving that exam. AFCAT is conducted in three shifts in three days, attracting more than 2 lakh candidates twice a year. A candidate must score more than 160 marks out of 300 to stay on the safe side and to secure an opportunity to give an AFSB interview. 

How many questions should I Attempt to clear AFCAT?

Candidates should attempt as many questions as they feel confident with. There is no limit for number of questions. However, to give candidate a idea about how much questions they should attempt to clear cutoff. Aspirants should attempt at least 55 questions with 100% accuracy to clear the overall cut off.

Can we skip Math section in AFCAT?

In AFCAT, A total of 20 questions are asked in the math section that gives 60 marks to a candidate. According to cut off , one need minimum 160 marks to clear the cutoff. So, It is  possible to crack AFCAT without attempting the Math section.

However, leaving this section is not recommended as it is the most scoring and easy section in AFCAT exam. It is the only section where a candidate does not attempt questions on the basis of Wild Guesses but solve them, which makes it a section with 100% accuracy and no negative marking. 

Skipping on the Math section can impact your reasoning section too. As simple Mathematics is used in solving reasoning analogy problems. Not attempting the Math section can eventually decrease your calculation speed, affecting your reasoning section. 

Is AFCAT Math easier than other defence exam?

Many candidates fears Math for various reasons but when it comes to AFCAT MATH it is not as tough as it seems. Out of 100 Questions only 20 questions are from Math, 10-15 are easily doable if a student have prepared enough. Out of all other defence examinations, AFCAT has the easiest math. Let’s take a look at AFCAT  math syllabus:-

  • Clock
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Ratio and Proportion 
  • Boat and Stream 
  • Compound Interest and Simple Interest  
  • Profit, Loss and Discount
  • Probability 
  • Speed, Time and Distance 
  • Age

As we have seen the syllabus,  we can say it is not as tough as it seems. Anyone who didn’t had math at 12th level can start by clearing concepts, solve previous year questions and practice well.

Who should skip Math in AFCAT?

Only those candidates who are 100% confident and sure in the knowledge of other sections can skip the math section. If we skip the math section we still have 240 marks in our hand. It is pretty easy to score good in Reasoning and English unlike General Knowledge. General knowledge section always tops the list of tough sections because of its unpredictability of questions.



In conclusion, Yes, you can clear AFCAT without math. If you are someone who is weak in math, you should start working on that. As, even if you clear AFCAT without attempting math questions you may struggle in future after joining the academy. Irrespective of the branch you join, Math will always be a part of your life.



What is the cut off AFCAT Exam?

The AFCAT cut off generally lies between 130-160 Marks. Final cut off of AFCAT 1 2024 was 137 Marks and for AFCAT 2 2023 was 154 Marks.

Can we Prepare for AFCAT in Two months?

Yes, It is possible to prepare for AFCAT Exam in two months. Students should make a proper schedule that includes covering Syllabus, practice of Previous year questions and Revision.

Can I skip Math Section in AFCAT?

Only those candidates who are 100% confident and sure in the knowledge of other sections should skip the math section.

Can a Commerce graduate apply for AFCAT?

Yes, If you have done your graduation in any of the Commerce stream you are still eligible to apply for AFCAT Ground Duty Non Technical Branches.

How many stages are in AFCAT Exam?

AFCAT complete process comprises of Three Stages
1. Written Test
2. AFSB Interview
3. Medical test

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