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Can Arts students apply for AFCAT?

Are you one of those who wants to join the Indian Air Force but opted for Arts at 12th level and are unsure whether you should join the Indian Air Force or not. You have come at right place to find answer to your question. In this article, we are going to discuss about how an arts student can join the Indian Air Force through AFCAT Exam.

Yes, as an Arts student you can join Indian Air Force at an officer level through AFCAT exam. AFCAT allows students to join the Indian Air Force in Short Service Commission for 10 years of time period with an extension of maximum of 4 years.

Branches you can join as an Arts student through AFCAT?

Students with Arts at 12th level or pursuing any Arts degree for graduation can apply for Ground duty Non- Technical Branches through AFCAT Exam.

Here are the Branches you can join as an Arts graduate.

  • Administration Branch
  • Logistics Branch
  • Education Branch

How many Vacancies are available for Arts students in AFCAT?

Out of 304 vacancies, a total of 80 Vacancies are available for Arts students in AFCAT are to be filled through AFCAT 2 2023 in which a art student can apply.

Ground Duty Non Technical Branches
Branch Men Women
Administration Branch 43 11
Logistics Branch 13 04
Education Branch 07 02
Total 63 17

Administration Branch

Administration Branch is open for Short Service Commission of both Men and Women. By joining the administration branch, you will handle the efficient management of both Human and Material Resources. Some of the officers of the Administration Branch are selected and trained to carry out the following duties also:

    • Air Traffic Controller – Involves maintaining an orderly flow of traffic and airspace management.
    • Fighter Controller – Performs the job of directing Fighter Aircraft and Weapon Systems against enemy in various Air Operations while ensuring Air Defence of the nation using Radar Networks.

Logistics Branch

By joining the logistics branch, you will be responsible for materials management of all Air Force resources. You would ensure efficient supervision of inventories, and involve in procurement processes of various ranges of equipment.

Education Branch

Candidates interested in apply for Education Branch should must have a masters degree in any of the discipline with 50% marks. the Education Branch are responsible for the training and education of personnel within the Air Force. These officers typically hold specialized knowledge in various subjects and play a crucial role in shaping the educational and training programs within the Air Force

Are Short Service Officers entitled to Pension?

No, the Short Service Officers are not granted the pension however, they are entitled to terminal gratuity only.



can a 12th pass with Arts can apply for AFCAT?

Yes, If you had Arts at 12th level, then you can still join the IAF and give AFCAT exam

What is the last date to apply for AFCAT 2 2024?

The last date to apply for AFCAT 2 2024 is 28th June 2024

What is the age lim

Candidates aged between 20-26 years old can apply for AFCAT.

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