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Best Body Language Hacks To Boost Confidence At SSB Interview 2022

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Body Language Hacks for SSB

In SSB, When you enter the room or the field for various tasks, the assessor looks at you and tries to judge you on the basis of your body language which says a lot about your confidence and the way you carry yourself and even during the whole task, it plays an important role, particularly in the interview. If you are confident enough while presenting yourself in the interview, your body language would behave likewise. Body language is the first impression that is noticed by the assessor during the SSB interview. Basically, the performance and body language are proportional to each other. As one of them varies, it reflects in the other factor directly.  Being a defence aspirant, You are supposed to have confidence and boldness in your personality and that must be reflected during your interview while answering all the questions to the interviewer. In this article, we will help you to understand what can you do to have the desired body language in your interview and how to mould your personality to do well during SSB Process –

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  • Fake it, till you make it – This quote is not just about faking something throughout, it has a deeper meaning. It means to behave in a certain way until you actually become like that. If you are a defence aspirant who should be having Officer Like Qualities (OLQs), then you should be acting in the same manner until you become an actual officer. Not just during your SSB Process but even in your life try to think and act like an officer and don’t be basic with your activities. As it will help you to behave in the same confident manner in your interview and it won’t look like a fake because till then you would be able to reflect that personality naturally in your behaviour.
  • Don’t be nervous– From entering the interview room to sitting down on the chair, you need to carry yourself gracefully during the whole process. Try to remain calm and patient. Nervousness confuses the assessor and you won’t be able to present yourself to the fullest. You can never be more than what you are, but you can certainly be lesser than who you actually are, just by losing confidence. So don’t be jittery or slouched anywhere, during the whole process and sit during the interview with a lively face. Enjoy the whole process and have control over your action, thoughts and responses because this is what matters the most in the interview.
  • Make Eye-contact – The interviewer meets many candidates with different personalities and he knows well how to check your confidence. Try not to get affected by his facial expression while giving answers. With full confidence, answer the question you know and Have proper eye contact with the interviewer as it shows steadiness and honesty in your personality.
  • Speak nicely– Communication skills are a must to have. You should know what to say, when to say and how to say. For that, practice beforehand so that you won’t stutter or fumble while speaking. Also knowing the answer gives you the confidence to deal with it. Your way of speaking would reveal a lot about your personality. So try to practise the interview in front of the mirror, give mock interviews and think about all the probable questions and answer them to yourself so that you could perform well on the day of the interview.
  • Interviewee drives the interview – It looks like the interviewer decides the direction of the interview but mostly it depends on the interviewee as he is the one who controls where the interview would go. Be honest and try to include more of those things about which you are fully confident and try to not speak of the things that you are not well aware of. Be calm and cool like a mature person, but do not be cold. Respond to everything you know or even the things you don’t know and tell upfront about your views. If you don’t know something, tell them, that you are not aware of that till now, straightforwardly.
  • Be energetic – Your posture in the whole process would decide how passionate you really are. Don’t be lousy while doing any of the tasks as it would leave a bad impression on the assessors. Inculcate any habit which includes physical activity as it would help you to remain active and enthusiastic in the whole process. Laziness and inactive attitude is nowhere acceptable in the armed forces.
  • SSB is more than a test – One thing which you need to eliminate first is stress. As it would only impact your performance and you might not get the desired results. In your 5 to 6 days of stay, you would go through various tasks, you would meet many new people. Gather experiences from there as nothing in life is invaluable and take it as a process that might or might not end up in your favour. Otherwise, just with the thought of getting a positive results, you might not perform to your fullest during the task. Be cheerful and enjoy the little moments with your fellow candidates during leisure time or after the completion of the tasks in a suitable way. Explore the campus, know more of what’s new to you and most importantly know more of yourself by opening up to new experiences. It will also help in keeping you calm and perform better during the whole process.

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