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AFCAT AFSB 30 Days Preparation Plan

AFSB Selection Procedure

AFSB Interview is a five day long procedure that includes two stages of testing as stage I & stage II. This procedure will be organized at the AFSB Centers (designated by AFSB). Stage 1 is a screening test that consists of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests and Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT), whereas Stage II consists of Psychology Tests, Group Testing Officer (GTO) Tasks, Interview& Conference. SSB Interview also includes Intelligence & Personality Test.
Here, we have updated the complete details about AFSB Interview which includes updates for the ASB Procedure, and complete study plan.

AFSB Interview: Day 1 – Screening Test

  • Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR)
  • Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT)

AFSB Interview: Day 2 – Psychology Tests

This test of the AFSB Interview is viewed as generally precarious to break as it is assessed by logical techniques by the AFSB assessors. Psychological test in the AFSB Interview consists of the following series:

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self Description Test (SDT)

AFSB Interview: Day 3 & 4 – Group Testing (GTO Tasks)

GTO consists of the following group exercises:-

  • Group Discussion
  • Group Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Tasks (PGT)
  • Half Group Tasks
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race
  • Command Task
  • Lecturette
  • Final Group Task

AFSB Interview: Day 5 – Conference

After completion of all the tasks, the result is announced on the last day of the AFSB Interview procedure and the selected candidates will undergo the medical examination and then after a few months, a final merit list of the recommended candidates is announced.

AFSB 30 Days Preparation Plan

Recently, AFCAT written exam result was result. And now preparation of the stage 2 begins. Students who have cleared the written exam has already started their preparation for SSB. If you are confused about how to start AFSB preparation, follow the study plan provided below. You will also get daily tips to clear each stage of the AFSB process. AFCAT Aspirants give immense amount of time to prepare for written exam but when it comes to AFSB preparation, a lot of questions come to mind!

How should I start?

How to plan my daily routine?

and many more…

Now, no need to worry about these questions and give your full concentration and focus on your learning as ADDA247 has come up with the best study plan and preparation strategy specially designed by experts and analysts to help students manage their daily study schedule in the best possible way. Check out the study plan for the Service Selection Board Interview stage according to the latest pattern.
Date Day Topic
16th Mar Wednesday Preparation of Self Description: Knowing yourself
17th Mar Thursday TAT: Introduction, Two themes
18th Mar Friday 4 Themes Concept
19th Mar Saturday Blank + 3 Themes
20th Mar Sunday WAT Introduction + Test
21st Mar Monday WAT 2nd Session
22nd Mar Tuesday Situation Reaction Test   Introduction &Test
23rd Mar Wednesday SRT 2nd Session
24th Mar Thursday Complete Psychology Test
25th Mar Friday Introduction to Interview: PIQ   Front/Back
26th Mar Saturday Interview: Family + Education
27th Mar Sunday Interview Reasoning Questions
28th Mar Monday About Indian Army/Indian   Navy/Indian Airforce
29th Mar Tuesday Interview Conduct
30th Mar Wednesday Interview Conduct
31st Mar Thursday Introduction to GTO and Group   Discussion
1st Apr Friday Introduction to Group Planning   Exercise
2nd Apr Saturday Outdoor Introduction:   Progressive Group Task
3rd Apr Sunday Outdoor Task: Half Group Task
4th Apr Monday Outdoor Task: Command Task
5th Apr Tuesday Individual Obstacle + Snake Race
6th Apr Wednesday End Of GTO + Conference
Here, Team Adda will provide you with all the necessary details that you require to clear this exam. We have curated a date-wise study plan of 30 days. This will help you in planning your day accordingly.

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