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Today’s(November 29, 2021) Important Headlines from The Hindu

Subject Page No. (Delhi E.) Headlines Relevance(P & M)
GS 3

(Government Policies & Interventions, Health, Gender, Issues Related to Children, Issues Related to Women)

6 Scale up supplies 1. Omicron

2. Variant of Concern?

3. Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)

4. WHO

GS 2 (Indian Constitution, Judgements & Cases, Government Policies & Interventions) 6 Questionable criterion Analyse whether reservation can be treated as a poverty alleviation measure and those not well-off but belonging to socially advanced communities can be given a share of the reservation pie?
GS 3(Environmental Pollution & Degradation, International Treaties & Agreements, Government Policies & Interventions, Forest Resources) 6 COP26 pledges need a new climate of cooperation 1. Net Zero Target

2. Global Methane Pledge

3. International Solar Alliance (ISA)

4. COP21

5. COP26

GS 3 (Internal Security) 7 How to win over Kashmiri youth 1. The Public Safety Act of 1978

2. Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1958

3. Do you think that de-radicalisation camps should be organised for the Kashmiri youth? Explain.

GS 3(Government Policies & Interventions) 7 The importance of local language 1. National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020

2. It is not unreasonable to argue that learning the local language would help students feel a sense of belonging and communicate better. Elaborate.

GS 2 & GS 3(India and its Neighbourhood, Bilateral Groupings & Agreements) 9 India, Bangladesh to deepen ties as partners, says Goyal Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)
GS 2(Bilateral Groupings & Agreements, Effect of Policies & Politics of Countries on India’s Interests) 1 (Text) Gerrymandering, a challenge to U.S. democracy? 1. gerrymandering?
GS2 & GS3

(Important International Institutions, Health)

1 (Text) Understanding the new variant of the virus 1. National programme on genomic surveillance (INSACOG)

2. spike gene target failure (SGTF)


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