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Today’s(December 17, 2021) Important Headlines

Subject The Hindu Headlines Relevance(P & M)
GS 2
India and its Neighbourhood, Bilateral Groupings & Agreements, Groupings & Agreements, Involving India and/or Affecting India’s Interests, Effect of Policies & Politics of Countries on India’s Interests)
1 1971 war altered ideological map: Kovind How the Liberation War of 1971 changed the “ideological map” of South Asia? Discuss.
GS 2
GS 3
(Health, Government Policies & Interventions)
6 Reflections on flying blind into the storm 1. Indian Council of Medical Research
2. low- and middle-income countries (LMIC)
3. Q. Now, more than ever before, is the time for us to urgently reassess our attitude towards data for public health purposes and the role of national health agencies in sharing data, generated with public funds, with scientists in India and across the world. Discuss.
GS 2
(Important International Institutions)
6 The WTO’s challenge to MSP is another frontier to cross 1. minimum support price (MSP)
2. Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO)?
3. ‘green box’, ‘blue box’ and ‘amber box’ measures
4. Q. India can move away from price-based support in the form of MSP to income-based support, which will not be trade-distorting under the WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture(AoA) provided the income support is not linked to production. Explain.
GS 2
(Important International Institutions, Global Groupings, International Treaties & Agreements)
6 Wrong forum 1. UN Security Council (UNSC)
2. UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
3. COP26 summit
GS 3
North East Insurgency, Left Wing Extremism, Various Security Forces & Agencies & Their Mandate, Terrorism in Hinterland & Border Areas)
7 Is the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act past its expiry date? Q. The final solution to insurgency or terrorism is not military in nature; it is political and economical. Elaborate.
GS 3
(Various Security Forces & Agencies & Their Mandate)
8 Process to identify next CDS has started: Rajnath Singh 1. Chiefs of Staff Committee
GS 2
(Health, Government Policies & Interventions, Issues Related to Women Gender)
8 Cabinet nod to raise girls’ marriage age to 21 1. Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA), 2006
2. A 10-member task force led by former Samata Party chief Jaya Jaitly!
GS 2
(Global Groupings)
8 Putin, Modi, Xi meet soon: official 1. RIC [Russia-India-China] Summit
2. ‘Quad’
GS 2
(Bilateral Groupings & Agreements, Important International Institutions, International Treaties & Agreements)
GS 3
(Nuclear Technology)
11 Iran: no nuclear images for IAEA until curbs end IAEA

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