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Today’s(December 06, 2021) Important News Headlines

Subject Page No. (T.H.) Headlines Relevance(P & M)
GS 2
3 Judicialinfrastructure, a neglected case Q. Good judicial infrastructure for courts in India has always been an afterthought. It is because of this mindset that courts in India still operate from dilapidated structures making it difficult to effectively perform their function. Discuss.
GS 3
(IT & Computers, Mobilization of Resources, Banking Sector & NBFCs, Statutory Bodies
6 Cooperation awaits its ‘finding Raiffeisen’ moment  Q. In India, adopting a multi-agency approach, especially after bank nationalisation, has affected the efficiency of both commercial and cooperative banks. Explain.
GS 2
(Issues Related to Children, Health, Government Policies & Interventions)
7 The need to reopen anganwadis 1. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)
2. access to early childhood care and education (ECCE)
3. The National Education Policy, 2020
4. National Family Health Service (NFHS)-5 data
GS 2
(India and its Neighbourhood, Effect of Policies & Politics of Countries on India’s Interests)
8 Sri Lankan adviser links Pak. lynching to Taliban takeover Q1. Since the return of the Taliban, it has been seen that Afghanistan, is once again emerging as the epicentre of terrorism, and Afghanistan, maybe a new Syria. Discuss.
Q2. The recent developments in Afghanistan had given a fillip to radical Islamist groups in South Asian countries, particularly in Pakistan. Elaborate.
GS 1(World Geography) 8 Indonesia volcano eruption kills 14, damages 11 villages Mount Semeru
GS 3
(Achievements of Indians in Science & Technology, Defence Technology, Indigenization of Technology)
01 (T&C) The arms race towards hypersonic weapons 1. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
2. Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle (HSTDV)
GS 3 (Internal Security) 8 Centre reaches out to Naga insurgents 1. Hornbill festival
3. Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA)

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