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Today’s (November 23, 2021) Important Headlines from The Hindu

Subject Page No. (D.Edition) Headline Relevance(P & M)
GS 2 1 SC to hear Mullaperiyar dam case on Dec. 10 1. About Mullaperiyar dam
GS 4 1 Capital on a short fuse: rage crimes shoot up Nowadays there is no patience left among the public, everyone is in a hurry and rage crimes have taken place for very simple reasons, Elucidate.


GS 2 6 Reversing follies in a haunted battleground Do you think that institutionalised neutrality is a remedy that can stop Afghanistan from becoming a geopolitical pivot and a terror source? Discuss.
GS 3 6, 9
  1. Falling short

2. JPC retains exemption clause, adopts personal data Bill

1. The Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB), 2019

2. Justice Sri Krishna Committee

3. Justice K.S. Puttaswamy vs Union of India Judgement

4. Data Protection Authority (DPA)

5. JPC

GS 3 7 Reforming the fertilizer sector 1. complex fertilizers (NPK)

2. non-nitrogenous fertilizers (P and K)

3. National Fertilizer Policy


GS 2 7 Dynamism in India-U.S. ties 1. congressional delegation (CODEL)

2. Indo-Pacific Command countries

3. 2+2 Dialogue

GS 2 8 President gives away Gallantry awards About Gallantry Awards
GS 2 9 Authoritarianism is on the rise, says report The Global State of Democracy Report, 2021
GS 2 11 Australia signs sub deal with U.S., U.K. AUKUS pact

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