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Highest Peak of India: Names of States where Highest Peaks are Located

Highest Peak of India

There are many rivers, lakes, mountains and peaks in India. In this article, we will discuss about the mountains and peaks in India and we will discuss all the peak names in India, including the peaks of Himalayas. It is one of the most important topics in Indian Geography for UPSC Civil Services, besides the other PCS examinations. Apart from the names of peaks, we will also discuss the states where they are located, rank of those peaks in India, height of peaks in India and the ranges where these peaks are located in India.


Names of States where Highest Peaks are Located

Rank States Peak Range/Region Height (m)
1 Sikkim Kangchenjunga Eastern Himalayas 8,586
2 Uttarakhand Nanda Devi Garhwal Himalaya section of the Western Himalayas 7,817
3 Arunachal Pradesh Kangto Eastern Himalayas 7,060
4 Himachal Pradesh Reo Purgyil (shared with China) Western Himalayas 6,813
5 Nagaland Mount Saramati (shared with Myanmar) Naga Hills section of the Purvanchal Range 3,841
6 West Bengal Sandakphu (shared with Nepal) Singalila Ridge section of the Eastern Himalayas 3,636
7 Manipur Mount Tempü (also known as Mount Iso) Naga Hills section of the Purvanchal Range 2,994
8 Kerala Anamudi Anamalai Hills section of the Western Ghats 2,695
9 Tamil Nadu Doddabetta Nilgiri Hills section of the Western Ghats 2,636
10 Mizoram Phawngpui Lushai Hills section of the Purvanchal Range 2,165
11 Meghalaya Shillong Peak Khasi Hills section of the Shillong Plateau 1,965
12 Assam Unnamed peak Cachar Hills section of the Karbi Anglong Plateau 1,960
13 Karnataka Mullayanagiri Sahyadri Hills section of the Western Ghats 1,925
14 Rajasthan Guru Shikhar Aravalli Range 1,722
15 Andhra Pradesh Arma Konda Eastern Ghats 1,680
16 Odisha Deomali Eastern Ghats 1,672
17 Maharashtra Kalsubai Sahyadri Hills section of the Western Ghats 1,646
18 Haryana Karoh Peak Morni Hills section of the Sivalik Hills 1,499
19 Jharkhand Parasnath Chota Nagpur Plateau 1,382
20 Madhya Pradesh Dhupgarh Satpura Range 1,352
21 Chhattisgarh Unnamed peak Bailadila Range section of the Deccan Plateau 1,276
22 Gujarat Girnar Girnar Hills 1,145
23 Goa Sonsogor Western Ghats 1,022
24 Punjab Unnamed peak Naina Devi Range section of the Sivalik Hills 1,000
25 Telangana Doli Gutta Deccan Plateau 965
26 Uttar Pradesh Amsot Peak Rajaji Range section of the Sivalik Hills 957
27 Tripura Betlingchhip Jampui Hills section of the Purvanchal Range 930
28 Bihar Someshwar Fort Sivalik Hills 880


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Names of UTs where Highest Peaks are Located

Rank Union Territory Peak Range/Region Height (m)
1 Ladakh Saltoro Kangri Saltoro Range section of the Karakoram 7,742
2 Jammu and Kashmir Nun Peak Western Himalayas 7,135
3 Andaman and Nicobar Islands Saddle Peak North Andaman Island 732
4 Chandigarh Unnamed point near Khuda Ali Sher village Sivalik Hills 479
5 Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu Unnamed point near Bedpa village Western Ghats 465
6 Delhi Deheri Delhi Ridge section of the Aravalli Range 315
7 Puducherry Unnamed point in Chalakara village, Mahe West Coast hillocks 67
8 Lakshadweep Unnamed point Agatti Island 15



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Other vital trivial facts regarding peaks


Highest peak in the world Mount Everest


Highest peaks Himalayas Mount Everest
Highest peak in south India Anai Peak (Anaimalai Hills)
Highest peak in eastern ghats Jindhagada Peak


highest peak in western ghats Cardamom Hills


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Which is the highest peak in the world?

Mount Everest.

Which is the highest peak in western ghats?

Cardamom Hills.

Which is the highest peak in eastern ghats?

Jindhagada Peak.

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