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Global Food Security Index 2021


Global Food Security Index 2021: Relevance

  • GS 2: Issues relating to poverty and hunger.


Global Food Security Index 2021: Context


Global Food Security Index 2021: Key points

  • The index is a dynamic quantitative and qualitative benchmarking model constructed from 58 unique indicators that measure the drivers of food security across both developing and developed countries.
  • Global food security index India rank: 71
  • This edition of the GFSI incorporates the “Natural Resources and Resilience” category into the main index.
    • This category assesses a country’s exposure to the impacts of a changing climate; its susceptibility to natural resource risks; and how the country is adapting to these risks, all of which impact the incidence of food insecurity in a country.
    • The category was first introduced into the GFSI in 2017 as an adjustment factor and, given its increasing importance, has been mainstreamed for the first time this year.
  • The GFSI looks beyond hunger to identify the underlying factors affecting food insecurity around the world.
  • The findings of GFS Index 2021 also showed that global food security has decreased for the second year in a row after seven years of progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal of achieving zero hunger by 2030.


Global Food Security Index 2021_3.1


Global Food Security Index 2021: 4 categories

  • Food Affordability
  • Food Availability
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Natural Resources and Resilience


Combating Hidden Hunger: Rice Fortification


Global Food Security Index 2021: Key findings

  • Ireland, Australia, the UK, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, France and the US shared the top rank.
  • India has been ranked at 71st position in the Global Food Security (GFS) Index 2021, but the country lags behind its neighbours Pakistan and Sri Lanka in terms food affordability.
  • Global food security Index 2021 India rank: According to the report, India held 71st position with an overall score of 57.2 points.
  • India has fared better than Pakistan (75th position), Sri Lanka (77th Position), Nepal (79th position) and Bangladesh (84th position). But the country was behind China (34th position).
  • In case of availability of food, quality and safety as well as protecting natural resources for food production, India scored better than Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on the GFS Index 2021.
  • However, over the past 10 years, India’s incremental gains in overall food security score were lagging behind that of Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.


Hunger Hotspots: A Report by FAO-WFP

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