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Vamsadhara River Water Dispute

Vamsadhara River Water Dispute- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: Federalism– Functions and responsibilities of the Union and the States; Issues and challenges pertaining to the federal structure.

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Vamsadhara River Water Dispute- Context

  • Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is scheduled to meet with his Odisha. This has raised hopes of finding a permanent solution to two vexed issues bothering the neighbouring States –
    1. Vamsadhara Phase-II project in Srikakulam district and
    2. The dispute over the jurisdiction of Kotia villages in Vizianagaram district.

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Vamsadhara River Water Dispute- Story so far

  • Andhra Pradesh Demands: It wants to build the Neradi bridge across the Vamsadhara But this will be possible only after Odisha’s consent.
  • Odisha’s Concerns:
    • The flood flow canal (at Katragada, Andhra Pradesh) taking off from the river Vamsadhara, would result in drying up the existing river bed and consequent shifting of the river affecting the groundwater table.
    • It also raised the issue of scientific assessment of available water in Vamsadhara at Katragada and Gotta Barrage, Andhra Pradesh and the basis for sharing the available water.
  • Verdict of Vamsadhara River Water Dispute Tribunal: The tribunal recently permitted Andhra Pradesh to go ahead with the construction of the Neradi barrage on the Vamsadhara river.

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Vamsadhara River Water Dispute- Present Issue

  • Though the Vamsadhara Water Disputes Tribunal has passed orders in favour of Andhra Pradesh on the Phase-II project, acquisition of land within the jurisdiction of Odisha for the construction of the Neradi barrage is yet to be made.
    • About 106 acres of land has to be acquired for the construction of the barrage, the foundation stone for which had been laid in 1962.
  • The Andhra Pradesh government is reportedly prepared to pay compensation for the submerged lands and rehabilitation of the displaced people in the Rayagada and Gajapati districts.


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Vamsadhara River- Key Points

  • About: Vamsadhara River is an east-flowing river and flows through Odisha and Andhra Pradesh before joining the Bay of Bengal.
  • Origin: Vamsadhara River originates in the Kalahandi district of Odisha.
  • Course of the River: It originates in Odisha and then flows along its boundary with Andhra Pradesh and finally joins the Bay of Bengal at Kalingapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
    • The total catchment area of the river basin is about 10,830 square kilometres.


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