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UPSC SO Steno Previous Year Papers Download PDF

The UPSC SO Steno previous year papers help candidates pinpoint the sections and subjects that need extra attention. By working on these papers, candidates can identify the areas they should concentrate on, thus enhancing their overall preparation. This practice also familiarizes candidates with the UPSC SO Steno exam format and the kinds of questions that will be posed.

UPSC SO Steno Previous Year Papers

The solutions provided in UPSC SO Steno previous year papers boost candidates’ confidence in their preparation. These solutions help candidates assess how much more effort they need to clear the exam. Since these papers can be practiced repeatedly, candidates get a good opportunity to recognize and work on their weaker areas.

UPSC SO Steno 2021 Previous Year Papers

UPSC SO Steno 2021 Previous Year Papers
Sr No UPSC SO Steno Previous Year Papers PDF Link
1 UPSC SO Steno (Paper I) 2021 (English) Download PDF
2 UPSC SO Steno (Paper – II Categories I, IV VIII and IX) 2021 Official Paper Update Soon
3 UPSC SO Steno (Paper – II for Category VI) 2021 (English) Update Soon
4 UPSC SO Steno (Paper – II for Categories II and V) 2021 (English) Download PDF
5 UPSC SO Steno (Paper – III Noting and Drafting, Precis Writing) 2021 (English) Download PDF

Importance of Solving the UPSC SO Steno Previous Year Papers

To succeed in any competitive exam, you need a good plan and study schedule. UPSC SO Steno’s past papers help students make a study plan based on their mistakes from earlier attempts. Here are some reasons why using these papers is beneficial:

  • Many questions in the current exam are similar to those in past years. People who’ve studied old papers can recognize and answer these questions easily.
  • Solving previous papers lets you practice and get better at solving problems. This boosts your confidence in the actual exam.
  • It helps you manage your time well. The more you practice, the quicker you can solve problems. Knowing the difficulty level also helps you decide which questions to tackle first, saving time in the exam.

UPSC SO Steno Exam Pattern

Once you’ve obtained the UPSC SO Steno previous years papers, it’s equally important to familiarize yourself with how marks are allocated to different sections in the UPSC SO Steno exam. To get a better idea of the exam structure, refer to the table provided below.

Sr. No. Subject Type of Paper Max.Marks Duration
1 General Studies & General Knowledge of Constitution of India and Machinery of Government, Practice and Procedures in Parliament and Knowledge of RTI Act,2005. Objective 150 2Hrs.
2 Procedure and Practice in the Government of India Secretariat and attached offices and General Financial and Service Rules duly taking into account the requirement of relevant categories of services. Objective 150 2Hrs.
3 Noting and Drafting Precis writing Subjective 200 3Hrs.
4 Evaluation of record of Service 100
Total 600

Tips for UPSC SO Steno Exam 2023

Here are some key points to keep in mind when preparing for the UPSC SO Steno exam:

  • Familiarize Yourself with Previous Year’s Questions: Solving previous year’s exam questions is crucial as it provides insight into the types of questions you can expect in the UPSC SO Steno exam. This practice will also help you apply your preparation effectively.
  • Practice with Sample Tests: To understand the exam format better, work through a series of practice tests. This will help you become more comfortable with the structure of the exam.
  • Analyze Cut-Offs: Pay close attention to the cut-off marks in previous years. This information will give you a sense of how competitive the exam is and what score you should aim for.
  • Take Breaks and Rest Well: While studying, remember to take regular breaks to refresh your mind. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam to be alert and focused during the test.
  • Allocate Time for Revision: Make it a routine to review the topics you’ve covered on a regular basis. Create flashcards and other study aids to facilitate quick revisions. Typing proficiency is vital in the selection process, so practice diligently to enhance your typing speed and minimize errors.

In conclusion, we recommend that UPSC SO Steno exam candidates thoroughly practice questions from previous years’ papers. With a clear understanding of the previous year’s paper details, you can start devising a robust preparation strategy. Additionally, you can gain more insights into such exams by downloading relevant resources.

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How can the UPSC SO Steno Previous Year’s Papers be downloaded?

You can get the UPSC SO Steno Previous Year's Paper by clicking on the link provided in the post.

What are the benefits of solving the UPSC SO Steno Previous Year Paper?

The advantage of taking the UPSC SO Steno Previous Year's Paper is that you will learn about common mistakes made when answering UPSC SO Steno questions and will try to avoid them on the final exam.

What is the cost of the UPSC SO Steno Previous Year Paper?

The UPSC SO Steno Previous Year Paper is completely free of cost.

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