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Dr. BR Ambedkar: International Ambedkar Conclave

International Ambedkar Conclave- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 1: Indian History: Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present- significant events, personalities, issues.
  • GS Paper 2: Development processes and the development industry– the role of NGOs, SHGs, various groups and associations, donors, charities, institutional and other stakeholders.

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International Ambedkar Conclave- Context

  • Recently, The President of India inaugurated the fifth International Ambedkar Conclave, in New Delhi, India.

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International Ambedkar Conclave– Key Points

  • About: International Ambedkar Conclave is a forum that highlights key issues of social and economic justice and plays an important role in spreading the thoughts and ideas of Dr. Ambedkar.
  • Organizers: International Ambedkar Conclave is being organised by the Forum of SC and ST Legislators and Parliamentarians and Dr. Ambedkar Chamber of Commerce.
  • Focus Areas of 5th International Ambedkar Conclave: It focuses on education, entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development along with the issue of constitutional rights.
  • Objective: International Ambedkar Conclave aims to take forward the people of scheduled castes and tribes who have been left behind in the developmental journey.
    • International Ambedkar Conclave also aims to ensure awareness among scheduled castes and tribes about their rights and various government initiatives for their welfare.

Mahaparinirvana Diwas: Death Anniversary of BR Ambedkar


BR Ambedkar- Key Points

  • About: BR Ambedkar was an Indian philosopher, political leader, writer, economist, socio-religious reformer and best known as one of the main architects of the Indian Constitution.
    • He is popularly known as Babasaheb Ambedkar.
    • BR Ambedkar faced many injustices and discrimination in society as he was born in a caste that was considered untouchable in contemporary society.
    • His work was centered around eliminating the caste-based discriminations in society and motivated the Dalits to organize and demand their rights.
  • Birth and Death: Babasaheb Ambedkar was born on 14 April 1891 in Madhya Pradesh in Hindu Mahar Caste.
    • Babasaheb Ambedkar died on 6 December 1956 in Delhi, India.
  • BR Ambedkar Education: He was an economist and had doctoral degrees in economics from Columbia University and the London School of Economics.
  • Important works of BR Ambedkar: Mook Nayak (weekly) 1920; Janta (weekly) 1930; The Annihilation of Caste 1936; Pakistan or the Partition of India; ‘Buddha and His Dharma’; The Untouchables 1948; Buddha or Karl Marx 1956, etc.
  • Other Key Facts:
    • ‘Bahishkrit Hitkarini Sabha (Outcastes Welfare Association)’ was launched by BR Ambedkar in 1923 for spreading education and culture amongst the downtrodden.
    • Ambedkar attended all the three Round Table Conferences (1930-32) in London representing the interests of the Untouchables of the Indian Society.
    • Ambedkar became the first Law Minister in 1947 under the Congress-led government.
    • BR Ambedkar was appointed as a member of the Rajya Sabha in 1952 and remained a member till his death.
    • BR Ambedkar was bestowed with Bharat Ratna in 1990.


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