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UPSC EPFO Exam | Last minute Tips | Do’s and Don’ts

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Last Minute Do’s and Don’ts for UPSC EPFO EO Exam: Pens down everyone! These are stressful times and trust us, we understand the gravity of your situation. Enough with the labour codes and those accounting principles. Enough with the government schemes, computer memories, socio-religious organisations or even those plant hormones. You did your part. Now sit back and wait for your turn in the battle. And NO, we are not advising you complete the Money Heist Season 5, it is strictly not advisable. Just give yourself a warm boot!

In the following points, we are sharing some Do’s and Don’ts for the exam. These are certainly not some wisdom mantras but are designed to help you keep yourself ready. Please have a read and try to inculcate them in these last moments.



Arrange all the things you need tomorrow to avoid the last-minute huddle. These are small things but in the moment of stress, it is enough to make you worry.

Get up Early and reach the centre before time. It might sound silly but is definitely not. If you don’t believe us, ask someone who was unable to give exam due to reaching late at the centre.

Revise summaries. At the start of the article, we have advised you to not study but those words were for the full notes and not the summaries. If you have consolidated notes then you can go through them.

Take a sound sleep at night. Some studies have found that getting a full night’s sleep before taking an exam is correlated with better performance.

In the examination hall, read the question paper 3 times. In the first one, solve all the questions you are confirm of making right. In the next go, attempt those questions in which you have eliminated two options, and in the next and the final round, attempt the questions you have eliminated one option. The last round depends on your attempts and your familiarity with the topic.



DO NOT take stress. Trust yourself and your hard-earned knowledge. It is indeed possible that you would have left some portion of the syllabus. And it is possible for everyone. No one is omniscient! What’s more important is you perform well in the sections you are well-versed in.

In the examination hall, do not panic. If you have found some tough questions, you will get easy ones too. Just keep reading the questions with a calm mind.

In case the whole question paper is tough, still you have no reason to worry as this is a competitive exam, which means cut-off is relative to how others have performed. It is certainly possible that what is tough for you, is tough for everyone.

Do not leave circling the answer for the last minute, and in case you do it, make sure you are keeping at least 15 minutes for it. If you think you can do it faster, try solving rest of the question in rest of the time. In any case, do not keep less than 15 minutes. You don’t need us to tell you what would happen otherwise.

Do not start discussing the paper after it is over. Wait for an authentic answer key from a credible institution. The exam is conducted by UPSC, which means there would be some tricky questions whose answers would be debatable.


All the Best. May you clear the exam and find your roll number in that holy pdf! ?

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