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Most Scoring Sections: Important Government Schemes & Initiatives

Most Scoring Sections: Important Government Schemes & Initiatives_30.1

Government Schemes & Initiatives: There are some sections in the vast UPSC Syllabus, which can be recognized as UPSC’s Most Favourite Sections. One of those sections is Government Schemes and Initiatives. A good understanding of the important Government Schemes and Initiatives, which includes their important provisions, nodal ministry, need, impact, etc., is a must to clear all the three stages of UPSC Civil Services Examination. Each year, a considerable number of questions are asked from the Government Schemes and Initiatives. Hence the section becomes an important one.

Here we are providing the articles based on government schemes and initiatives, which are in news. The articles contain not just the details of the schemes, but also the latest addons, to keep you updated. Aspirants should keep revising these Government Schemes and Initiatives in order to score better in the examination.